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C2 BFE Tactics
NowyDate: Thursday, 14/June/2012, 2:40 PM | Message # 1
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On this web site http://kozaku.in.ua/news.php you can find descriptive tactics to C2 skirmish games.

These are in Ukrainian and Russian, but quite useable and it shows how you can skilfully play in SP as well as MP mode.

In few sentences it explain how you can successively build needed buildings, how quickly expand economy and skilfully lead your soldiers to victory. In this game every nation have their own features, some characteristics buildings, few individual units and little bit different ways to take power in skirmish game plays.

These mentioned tactics makes the game somehow too linear. Worse that it can makes almost each game to look alike and this way players soon could be bored. Nevertheless it could help even newbies won this game.

Interesting to know are somewhere else other realistic tactics in C2?

What tactics do you prefer in this game which was little bit based on Napoleonic warfare?
DaddioDate: Friday, 15/June/2012, 2:50 AM | Message # 2
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Well, the game has a "Tips" file. These tips come up when ever you go from one page to another, or are loading maps before a game. But for some reason mine always shows the same 3 or 4 tips. There are several good tips here for new people, or even experienced players for that matter.

Take a read.

Infantry and cavalry battalions move slower in swamps and forests.\ Take this into account when considering strategic maneuvers.
#Tips1 Thick forests protect your troops from enemy fire and artillery.\ Trees provide good cover that will help you to save many a soldier's life.
#Tips2 Cannonball explosions are mostly absorbed in swamps.\ Also cannonball fuses can be extinguished in water causing the cannonball not to explode.
#Tips3 Placing soldiers and artillery on a height increases their range of fire.\ Use landscape carefully to obtain tactical advantages.
#Tips4 Placing your mouse on a unit and pressing the "ALT" key will display the unit's range of fire and expected zones of damage by fire.
#Tips5 Trees will not protect your unit if it is in the red zone of damage of an enemy's volley.
#Tips6 "Line" formation is most effective for battle and tactical maneuvers.\You may use the "E" hotkey for a fast movement of your troop into "Line" formation.
#Tips7 "Column" formation is most effective for movement and marches of a long distance.\ Moving in "Column" formation by the roads troop reduces its fatigue and increases its speed of movement.
#Tips8 "Square" formation is most effective in defense against a cavalry attack, as it leaves no weak points in defense.\ Use "Square" formation to neutralize the enemy's cavalry.
#Tips9 An Officer and Drummer will significantly raise the morale of the unit and a Flag Bearer increases the unit's attack and defense parameters.
#Tips10 Hot key usage will save you time, by increasing your ordering speed and will simplify game control.
#Tips11 Placing your cursor on a unit and pressing the "Ctrl-Z" combination will select all the units of that type.
#Tips12 "Tab" or "Ctrl-Tab" will help you to cycle selection between chosen units or buildings.
#Tips13 Pressing "Ctrl-A" will select all of your available units.
#Tips14 You may bind a group of units or buildings to a specific number key by choosing that group and pressing "Ctrl-0...9". This then allows you to quickly select them simply pressing that number key.
#Tips15 The "Ctrl-B" combination will select all of your buildings and pressing "Ctrl-P" you will select all of your non-working peasants.
#Tips16 By pressing the F6 key you may cycle on/off the buildings transparency mode.
#Tips17 For a global view of the battlefield use the "bird eye" camera. It may be activated with the F7 key.\ To change the size of the mini-map or hide it use the F8 key.
#Tips18 Every type of combat unit in the game is unique. It has a specific range of fire, damage, equipment, melee power, training time, and quantity of powder (coal) spent for one shot.\ To check these characteristics of a unit, press the "Info" button.
#Tips19 By pressing the "Space" key the map will move to the previously displayed spot. Using the "Backspace" key will center the screen on a selected unit.
#Tips20 If, for some reason you want to remove one of your own buildings or units, use the "Delete" key.
#Tips21 Pressing "Pause" (or "~") will pause the game. In that mode you may still give orders to your units.
#Tips22 Combining your soldiers into units will increase their morale, gain bonuses in attack and defense parameters and provide the ability to gain experience by killing enemy soldiers.
#Tips23 Storehouses, dwellings, blacksmiths and town centers are buildings that may be captured.
#Tips24 Units without officers or with low morale may be easily routed even though it has only taken slight casualties.
#Tips25 Gunfire decreases enemy morale as well as inflicting casualties.
#Tips26 If any of your units panic and flee through another friendly unit it will decrease that unit's morale.
#Tips27 If 70 percent of the unit is destroyed, it will panic and flee despite its morale state.
#Tips28 Cavalry has great speed and is effective for surprise attacks on the enemy's rear or flanks and is especially effective against artillery.
#Tips29 Heavy cavalry has a lot of health and is therefore very durable. This unit type has an especially strong demoralizing effect on the enemy when attacking.
#Tips30 Infantry and cavalry will move on roads only in "Column" formation.
#Tips31 By holding the "ALT" key down when moving a unit will display its firing zones.\ Use this information to best position that unit.
#Tips32 If your unit remains in "Line" formation for some time without any movement it will change to the "Standground" position. This significantly increases its frontal defense and volley power but will decrease its rear defense.
#Tips33 Attacking first with your infantry and then with cavalry is most effective.
#Tips34 Melee fighting cavalry moves a lot faster than cavalry with rifles.
#Tips35 Lost units of your squad are automatically refilled if it is positioned next to a settlement.
#Tips36 Single units of a panic stricken squad can be positioned behind an existing squad to refill the lines. (“F”-Key)
#Tips37 Use the arrow keys to comfortably move the visible screen section around the map
#Tips38 Defensive structures like Forts or Blockhouses should be build next to roads or crossings to effectively stop enemy troops in their tracks.
#Tips39 All idle peasants are selected by pressing „CTRL-P“.
#Tips40 The size of the Minimap can be changed with the key „F8“.
#Tips41 To focus on a selected unit press the „BACKSPACE“ Key.
#Tips42 A hostile settlement can be taken by eliminating all enemy troops in the neighbourhood as well as the local defenders. The settlement will start working for you and goods are transported to your Storehouse or Town Centre.
#Tips43 Cannons, Grenadiers or Sappers with Powder Barrels are the most effective ways to destroy buildings.
#Tips44 At your town centre you can order your workers to look for work automatically. Then they will become Woodcutters or work in quarries. This feature is only available in single player mode.
#Tips45 Buildings and settlements have various upgrade possibilities. Use all of them to leverage your economy.
#Tips46 If you lack certain resources or some of them are quite scarce you can build a Marketplace to barter.
#Tips47 Keep your transport routes short. A Town Centre or a Storehouses should be near a Mine or a Settlement.
#Tips48 The rally point of a building’s new units can be set by right clicking on the map.
#Tips49 If one of your buildings is attacked, your Sappers and Peasants can repair it. Once demolished, the building cannot be restored and its former location is after a short while free for new buildings.
#Tips50 You can order your cannons to keep a certain area under steady fire. Keep in mind, that there should be no friendly troops around this area.
#Tips51 Sappers can complete all buildings, even the ones they cannot build themselves. If you use your sappers to complete buildings your Peasants can meanwhile collect resources.
#Tips52 If your squad dissolved panic stricken the single units will automatically go to the next Barracks or Stables. If there are assembled enough units a new squad can be formed.
#Tips53 To build a squad, a sufficient number of units has to be next to Barracks or Stables. The respective radius is marked green, if you move your mouse over the symbol to build new squads.
#Tips54 Priests can heal your units and boost the morale of your troops.
#Tips55 If your gunners have died, you can order new units to the cannon by choosing the respective command in the cannons menu. To do so, there must be units next to the cannon. It doesn’t matter if they are bound in a squad or single units.
#Tips56 To capture an enemy cannon, you have to eliminate the hostile gunners and put your troops right next to the cannon. After a short while, the cannon will be yours.
#Tips57 The morale of your troops raises if they kill enemies. The higher the morale of your troops is, the less they will panic.
#Tips58 If you select one of your settlements you will see the trade routes of your goods to your next Storehouse or Town Center as white diamonds. The next repository is marked white.
#Tips59 If you change the formation of your troops, you can see their future positions as blue dots on the map.
#Tips60 Ensure to have always the latest graphic device driver installed to guarantee the best gaming experience possible.
#Tips61 Using grenades or cannon balls is only sensible against standing or very slow aims.
#Tips62 To establish grenade production you need to build a Blacksmith.
#Tips63 Cannons can be loaded with either cannonballs or shrapnel munitions. On short distances a shrapnel shot has devastating effects on the lin[/size]es of the[/size] enemies.[/size]

NowyDate: Wednesday, 08/August/2012, 1:08 PM | Message # 3
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I knew that tips, but it is very good that you cast all these tips all together in one place.
It clearly shows that there were many interesting details included is this fine game.

In majority I like these details, but in some cases I dislike few strange things e.g. grenadiers hand grenades, lot of stacking in the same place formations and few ahistorical units abilities or tactics.

Nevertheless many fine ideas implemented into this game allow play more complex games than simple "big bang" clashes.

There are many things which could be better prepered or improved, but in this thread I would like to discuss about tactics.

Added (08/August/2012, 1:08 PM)
Hmm, I do not see any, even trivial discussion in this thread.
Is it mean that people do not like discuss about game tactics or could it mean that they do not know the subject or do not understand terminology.

I believe that there are few fans which like C2 game and they could exchange their opinions about gameplay tactics or strategy.

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DaddioDate: Sunday, 12/August/2012, 5:48 PM | Message # 4
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Well I have found that there are 2 basic styles of play in C2. One is the rush. Most of your good players play this style in one form or another. They play a rush nation. Russia, Spain, Poland are the best. But any nation can be played as a rush nation.

They depend heavily on the cheaper, fast producing troops. sacrificing Calvary and quality for early speed. They attack your food, and gold, and raid to kill peasants, and disrupt your economy.

To combat this you must learn how to block. First you must secure a good food source. Ether a second mill or upgrades to your home base, mostly by setting your TC to feed your peasant production directly to the Mill. You will not need to product very many housing because you will be loosing a lot of troops.

Second you will need to predict where the attacks are going to come from. Pick a place to defend. The most advantages positioning is going to be at a village.

There are several advantages to being next to a village. One it is a source of resources that will be needed to build you forces once you get off of the defensive. second the village will replenish your ranks as you loose troops to the constant attacks. third they will add a small amount of troops to aid in its defense.

Place your blocking troop in an area that will be hard to flank. and allow them to go to stand ground. Once you have established a good blocking position it will become stronger with every attack. as you kill more and more of his weaker troops your moral goes up so does your cold steel, and shot power. Bring additional troops up when available to protect flanks and even to disband and provide fresh troops for the main formation.

Sell food for resources you have been denied by the rushers early tactics.

If you survive the first 20 minutes, you have a good chance to turn to the offensive. And your troops are much stronger at this point. Try to protect the higher moral formations by pulling them back if they get low in men.

Most rushers will give up and quit after 20 - 30 min. knowing they have lost, or are simply pulling their hair our in frustration at your strong position.

Of course the other style is the camper, this is the style I prefer. I will add that one at another time.

Happy gaming


NowyDate: Saturday, 07/September/2013, 1:54 PM | Message # 5
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Well, that’s something what I was looking for in this treat.

You pointed there two main game tactics as like rush and camper styles.

Rush style exactly consist in speed create cheap units and fast or early attacks on neutral villages and enemy base with intention to disrupt enemy economy. It looks sometimes as early wave attacks or flood of cheap units.

I always wonder why developers did such mistakes which allow use these strange rush tactics for every nations and especially for Russia and Spain.
There exist really strange, but cheap and speed create Russian Opolchenie and Spanish Guerillas which can operate in quite non historical style.

Worse that could be in the game these strange light cavalry tactics, stacked formations, spammed sharpshooters or grenadiers hand grenades.
These sometimes makes the game crazy, but that is a real live with C2. I do not accept such things, but must admit that these could be quite effective in game play.

Strange light cavalry tactics, used sometimes together with stacked formations, looks like specific variation of rush tactic played in medium game time, when cheap light cavalry exploit their abilities to destroy weakened enemy infantry or capture more villages. If you posses more villages you could win by economy growth.

Fight against such rush tactics is not easy, because enemy many times avoid direct confrontations with well placed defenders. Instead combats on stronghold positions he sent his cheap units to capture neutral or other not so well defended villages. When enemy grow his economy then he could create stronger units and even little bit change his tactics.

Against enemy light cavalry you could use own little bit stronger light cavalry, but these are costly and longer create units. What is more this is somehow rush tactic against rush tactic.

I am interesting how you see campers tactics in the game.

Added (23/August/2013, 9:19 AM)

Tactics for France

France is strong nation with wide-ranging infantry and cavalry units. French heavy cavalry include fine variety of units. This nation is good for rush tactic as well as in long time gameplay, when you will can attack with heavy cavalry. Initially you can attack with cheap, but weak National Guard infantry. Then you can weaken enemy with skirmishers Chasseurs, attack with stronger Fusiliers, fine Voltigeurs or strong Grenadiers and finish enemy with various cavalry units. Meanwhile capture Villages and push enemy. French have strong artillery, but you probably will can win even without artillery.

French tactics in details could looks like that.

1. Skirmish game start with 10 peasants, they should work effective from the beginning

2. Then 5 peasants immediately build Town Centre and after that they go to stone pit

3. Town Centre create next peasants, put their rally point to the nearest wood cutting. Later you also will can send few peasants to stone pit.

4. Meanwhile 1 peasant build Store, possible nearly to Food or Gold Village, then he goes to wood cutting

5. Next 4 peasants go to build closely to road infantry Barrack. There you can quickly create 1 National Guard squad, then 3 ‑ 4 Fusiliers squads. Officers and Drummers are not so necessary, if you plan early attack on neutral villages, but when you plan early fights with enemy, then Officers and Drummers would be welcome too.

6. Build Blacksmith and create 5 or 7 single Chasseurs, use them for reconnaissance. Locate these sharpshooters in key points, cover them in forests or behind rocks, observe roads and enemy movements

7. Build Small House, Market and exchange all coal on food.

8. Meanwhile make upgrade in first Food Village. Your army will needs lot of food.

9. Build Academy, next Small House and  Light Cavalry Stable. Create 1 Hussars squad, then create Uhlans. Chasseurs a Cheval are also fine especially when you plan quickly capture few villages, but this job also could make your infantry squads.

10. Build next Small House, you increase your population limit to 720 men.

11. When you create 3rd infantry squad, then  you can create one sappers squad. They could build Blockhouse or Tower, if it will be necessary in defence against early enemy rush attacks. Sappers also could help build faster next buildings or could undermine enemy buildings .

12. When you create 4th infantry squad, then you could create also Foot Chasseurs squads. They could effectively support your infantry. Some players create many Chasseurs squads, and play with bunch of these sharpshooters. This tactics is effective against infantry, but enemy light cavalry can eliminate skirmishers. Then better create bigger variety of units.

13. When you create 5th infantry squad, you probably will need next House.

14. Build Heavy Cavalry Stable, create Dragoons. Eventually you could create Cuirassiers, they can attack in gallop,  but they are expensive. Horse Carabineers or Horse Grenadiers also are strong fighters, but they are very expensive.

15. Build Palace, you will can strengthen your infantry squads with Flag bearers, they increase morale.

16. Make upgrade in Blacksmith for Grenadiers.

17. Build second Town Centre, possible nearly to Food or Coal Village. You could send next peasants to Food Village. These peasants are not necessary, when you make some upgrades in few Food Villages. Second Town Centre increase your population limit.

18. Make upgrades in Coal, Iron and second Food Villages.

19. Build second Light Cavalry Stable. The latter is not necessary, if you do not want to play in light cavalry rush tactic.

20. Create Grenadiers, they are strong soldiers. Optionally create Voltigeurs, they will effectively reinforce your Fusiliers

21. Build second Barrack, this elevate population limit to 1600 men.

22. Eventually you could build Artillery Depot, only when you will need artillery guns. French have strong artillery, light cannons are quite effective at short range, heavy cannons are fine at longer range, while howitzers are good to destroy enemy fortifications, massed enemy squads and other stationary targets. Artillery in the game looks and works nice, they can inflict waver, fear and panic in enemy squads, but artillery guns are limited and suffer with some glitches.

23. Now you can organize complex order of battle with various infantry and cavalry squads. Supported with artillery, they can fight hard and effective. French infantry can weaken enemy squads, heavy cavalry can charge in gallop and break enemy lines. Light cavalry can pursue enemy remnants.

24. You could build next Big Block Houses and Town Centres. These increase your population limit, even to 2500 men. More units are harder in command and manoeuvres, and the game could get in lags, but you probably can win before that moment.

Added (25/August/2013, 4:34 PM)

British tactics in details could looks like that.

Skirmish game start with 10 peasants, they should work effective from the beginning

1. Then 9 peasant immediately build Town Centre, after that 5 peasants you can send to collect wood or stone.

2. Other 4 peasants build Market which British will use more often than other nations

3. Meanwhile next 1 peasant go to build Storehouse, possible nearly to Food Village

4. Town Centre create next peasants, put their rally point to the nearest wood cutting. Later you also will can send few peasants to stone pit.

5. Exchange 1600 coal on stone and 400 gold on wood. These increase your recourses needed for next buildings construction

6. Build Barracks, create 3 Musketeers squads, then create Highlanders.

7. Build Academy, this allow create few riflemen, send them for reconnaissance. Locate these sharpshooters separately in key points, cover them in forests or behind rocks, observe roads and enemy movements

8. Exchange some cola and food again for wood and stone. Soon you will can build next buildings.

9. Build subsequently Palace and Small House.

10.Exchange some coal and gold on wood, this allow make upgrade in Food Village

11.Send first infantry squad to capture second Food Village, then capture next Villages.

12.Exchange food on coal and stone and wood.

13.Build Factory, this increase you coal (ammunition) production and British infantry needs a lot of ammunition for fire fights

14.Build successively Small House, Blacksmith and Light Cavalry Stable

15.Create Hussars, they can support your infantry in combats

16.Meanwhile you can create one sappers squad They could build Blockhouse or Tower, if it will be necessary in defence against enemy attacks. Sappers also could help build faster next buildings or could undermine enemy buildings .

17.Build two small houses, these slightly increase your population limit

18.Make first upgrade in Iron Village

19.Build Heavy Cavalry Stable, British can create only Dragoons. Nevertheless they can support your army.

20.Make second upgrade in Iron and Food Villages.

21.Build house, collect recourses needed for next constructions

22.Build second Light Cavalry Stable. The latter is not necessary, you probably will not play in light cavalry rush tactic. Other nations could create more and faster light cavalry units. However British also could use more light cavalry squads in support for own infantry. They can react faster than heavy cavalry.

23.Build second Town Centre possible nearly to Food or Coal Village. You can gather more and faster needed resources. This also increase your population limit.

24.Make upgrade for peasants creation

25.Build second Barrack and create Grenadiers, they are stronger in melee combats, than enemy infantry units.

British soldiers are well trained, but their creation time is not so fast.

Britain starts with defensive tactics which can exploit infantry fire drills and steady morale. British infantry in line formation in stand ground position is strong. They shoot accurately and could engage in melee. However be careful and block enemy early attacks in few key points. Remember British can form only few types of cavalry. Nevertheless few fortifications could strengthen British defence.

Added (07/September/2013, 1:54 PM)
Tactics for Poland
Poland is relatively strong nation, quite good for player which can attack with Fusiliers supported with cheap light cavalry Uhlans. You also coudl fight using other types of units, however Polish can not create cheap reserve infantry as well as sharpshooters infantry. They aslo have only two types of heavy cavalry. Polish units are strong enough, but you should engage them carefully.
Generally you should be very active from the beginning and capture few neutral villages, before you attack on enemy. Always be careful, do not forget block enemy early attacks, avoid enemy traps and bigger engagements with numerous or stronger types of enemy units.
Polish skirmish gameplay could looks like that.
1. Skirmish game start with 10 peons, they should work efectively from the begining.
    Then 5 peons immediately build Town Centre and after that they go to stone pit.
2. Next 4 peons go to build Barrack close to the road. There you can create Fusiliers.
3. Next 1 peon go to build Store, possible nearly to Food or Gold Village or forest, after that he goes to wood cutting.
4. Town Centre create endless peons, put they rally point to nearest wood cutting.
5. Then 4 peons build succesively Market, Academy, Stable, 2 small Houses and after that they go to stone.
6. Meanwhile in Market you need to exchange almost all coal on wood, which is needed for next buildings and first upgrade in first Food Village.
7. Upgrade first Food village, it costs 1500 wood, but it will gives you more food. It would be good to do it even before you can bulid Academy.
8. Barrack create 120 Fusiliers, form first squad, you can add officer and drummer too. Send this squad to defend bordering village, they eventually could stand on position in line formation across the road of predicted enemy attack, possible in narrow place as like river ford or mountain pass. There they will can block enemy early rush units.
9. Next 2 Fusilier squads you could send to villages located on flanks or to reinforce first squad, when the enemy will attack with more than 2 squads. However 1 Fusilier squad you could send to capture neutral Food or Coal village.
10. Light Cavalry Stable can create Uhlans, they costs lot of wood, therefore first Uhlans squad will created not so fast.
11.When you create 3rd Fusilier squad, then you could create Sappers squad, they could build fortifications, if you will need it. Initially it is not necessary, but Sappers could help build faster next buildings or could undermine enemy buildings.
12. Build next smalol House, then you increase population limit to 720 men.
13. In this stage you could use variety of tactics. These are individual preferences and sometime various gampley needs. You could create next 2 Fusilier squads and after that stop create infantry and continue create only Uhlans.Then you will play in light cavalry rush tactic with bunch of Uhlans attacking enemy squads on the way to enmy base. You also could create more complex order of battle, use various infantry and artillery guns. Then you will play probably longer, but more interesting battles.
14. You also could build second Store nearly to far located Food, Gold or Coal villages, which you can capture in mean time. Then you wil can gather needed recourses faster, because pack horses will can transport resources at shorter range.
15. Bulid Palace, you will can strengthen yours infantry squads with Flag bearers, they increace morale.
16. Bulid Blacksmith and make upgrade to Grenadiers.
17. Eventually build Artillery Depot, only when you will need few artillery guns. Light cannons are quite effective at short range, heavy cannons are fine at longer range, while howitzers are good to break massed enemy squads, destroy their fortifications or other stationary targets. Artillery guns in the gam are limited and suffered with some glitches.
18. Make upgrades in next Food and Coal Villages, you wil gather more resources.
19. Optionally build Heavy Cavalry Stable, you can create Cuirassier, however they are expensive, had long time creation and they are not so necessary. Probably you will can win the game without heavy cavalry.
20. Build seond Town Centre, possible nearly to Food or Coal Village. You can gather more and faster nedded resources.
21. Bulid Big Block House and eventually second Light Cavalry Stable. The latter is not necessary, if you do not plan to play in horrible massed Uhlans flood tactic.
22. Meanwhile you could make upgrades in next villages. You will need some gold and coal, if you will create next units which will fight with fire arms.
23. Optionally create Voltigeurs and Grenadiers, they will effectively reinforce Fusiliers.
24. Second Barrack is expensive, therefore firstly you could build Fort or Bastion and create Fusiliers or Voltigeurs. This fortification you could build in strategically important location, nearly to the road to enemy base, possible in the centre of the map. This way your newly crated squads will closely to the front line. Also routed soldiers from destroyed squads could retreat faster under this fortification cover. Then you will can use them faster in next combats.
25. If it will be necessary you also could build second Barrack, next big Block Houses and Town Centres. These increase your population limit even to 2,500 men. However more units are harder in command and manoeuvres, and the game could lagged, but you probably can win before that moment.

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