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Forum » Cossacks II » Gameplay » I Find Cossacks 2 Totally Unplayable. (A newbie to Cossacks 2 and I am lost.)
I Find Cossacks 2 Totally Unplayable.
DaddioDate: Sunday, 25/August/2013, 7:01 PM | Message # 21
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You are correct Nowy, the factory produces Coal not Iron. It is the Rhine factory that produces iron.

aiidiiDate: Saturday, 31/August/2013, 2:19 PM | Message # 22
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Quote (Nowy)
Aidii thanks for your advice, but arillery case in C2 is more complex.
You know these guns are very deadly and have big impact on morale.
Better fire range and more guns on battlefield would be very destructive.

Even with 3 cannons and 1 howithzer we could inflict horrendous havoc.

Can you tell me how we can improve, mean make much worse, artiller guns accuracy and killability?

UnitsMD game map:

ArtPus4.md = heavy cannon
ArtPus4L.md = light cannon
ArtPus4G.md = howitzer

$ razbrosamount
[] /
= Inaccuracy of firing. Can be decreased trough ~.nds

$ damage n n
[] /
^ DAMAGE 1 100
= Sets the amount of damage done by the specified weapon. The 1 refers to
the WEAPON index, the 100 is the actual amount of damage. Multiple
WEAPON entries require multiple DAMAGE entries.

I drink, therefore I am.

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NowyDate: Sunday, 01/September/2013, 3:15 PM | Message # 23
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I already changed some things in UnitsMD files.
Increased artillery guns attack radius and limits in depot.
Changed many more things too.
Experimented with lower prices, less rastrata, worse razbros and cavalry shot damage. However there are still some questions.
I'll start new thread in modding section. If you can help you could makes next advices.
Thanks again.
Forum » Cossacks II » Gameplay » I Find Cossacks 2 Totally Unplayable. (A newbie to Cossacks 2 and I am lost.)
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