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Managing Peasants in C2
EbelAngelDate: Thursday, 29/August/2013, 3:32 PM | Message # 11
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Quote (Nowy)
I do not think that in multiplayer maps inflict problems.
These maps theoretically are well balanced and each player has equal villages at start.

If Ftoomsh says he has played an unbalanced map then thats what it is. We dont need you to defend the opposite statement that all maps are balanced, because lets face it, everyone who has made maps for this game, has at least made 1 or 2 maps that arent balanced including myself, purely for the purpose off having an easy time over the AI.

Maybe you are right about the standard maps that come with the game, those seem balanced well enough, but if a player uses his or her own map online, than how would you even know that the map was balanced if you werent there?

You'r just arguing to argue now and borderline trolling.

NowyDate: Friday, 30/August/2013, 9:10 AM | Message # 12
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Hmm, somebody deleted here my post where I was cleared my statement.
Such case is wrong, especially when earlier somebody cast only his one-sidedly opinion.
What is more there was cast cleary illogical supposition to my remarks according C2 maps.
There aslo was not nice suggestion about trolling. Then I got right to defend my statement.
I never said that ALL maps in C2 are balanced. I was referred only to standard maps C2 BFE and these seem balanced wel enough.
I did not refer to his or her own maps. Modders of course could made unbalanced maps. If somebody made unbalanced maps that is his chosce.
That was nothing bad in my opinion, because somebody could like play with balanced or even unbalanced maps. Some players would like to play with more variety of maps. Therefore they needs more maps. However maps alone do not inflict real problems. There are more things which influence on gamplay.
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