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Forum » Cossacks II » Gameplay » BFE - Guard Units (Ugh~ Guard units deserting all the time !)
BFE - Guard Units
NowyDate: Tuesday, 04/November/2014, 11:52 AM | Message # 21
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Excuse me, domCossack you cast medley again and again.

You mix here true and false ponits again.

If you had some troubloes with misunderstanding, atrocious selective quating and refusal to comprehend, you can not accuse me for that, because it is your problem.

I do not refuse compromise with true points, but I refuse to compromise with false points.
Then it is clear why I can not made compromise with you, when you write untrue arguments.

You still try play with words and try clear up your points. However it is only pure rethoric.

Do not cry over my struggles with English and do not sent me to any dictionary when you do not understand a point.

When you wrote that CII game developed drunken people I believed that you did not know the true, where they drunken or were not. When you did not know that, you only could suggest (imply) such case. This is clear for everyone who can understand and logically interpret English.
So, domCossack learn yourself English and try undestand logical sense of the matter.

That was not my struggles with English, that was your poor hpothetical reasoning used here in practice. Do not forget, when discussion is about things from Cossacks games it means that it is possible that two oposite sides discuss about these games. When you mixed here other games and used hypothetical reasoning that mean that was you who try medley other things there.

I said that CII game is better than CI, it is my opinion and you can not attack me for that.
In many aspects CII is a good game, then you can not attack me when I compare these games and defend my opinion in this case.

When you said that CII killed a bit more in the enjoyment department it was your opinion which hypotetically suggest that it is something bad I suppose. When you cast next faults in this game it was clear that these were not good for you. Then you cast next examples which do not looks good for you. Game failure also is not something good. Logically when something is not good, then it is bad.

So, it looked quite funny when you said later that CII is good game, definitely.

Then pay more attention to the discussed matters.
Do not blame me about your faults or that I have troubles with understanding basic English.

It is clear that you did not realize that I respect others opinions.
I respect other opinions in many cases. However I do not agree with others opinions when these opinions collide with mine opinion or with the true.

When you said that I didn't show you ANYTHING it is a clear false or you did not want to see the truth.

Try think better.

Few artillery guns in the game can break any squads and destruct any buildings in few shots and in some cases even one shot is enough. Artillery is too accurate and too powerful, therefore it is OP.

Elite Guard units had +2 on melee, a little more hitpoints, a little more base morale as well as it has stronger stamina, better fatigue, can get fast experience. Some Guard units had bigger squads. Then all these elements makes Guard units powerful.

When other squads in the game are somehow limited and there are not big squad amounts, then these little Guard advanteges can makes more than you think. Then I could call them OP without a doubt.

When you 'genuinely asking what can or what have you seen, an elite unit do that makes it
game-breaking?' you should notice these simple facts. Make some tests in the game and try understand how Elite Guard units were spoiled there. They do not represent historical units and do not work well in the game.

As a history buff you should notice many strange things in Elite Guard units.

Did not you know that Napoleon had not Guard Horse Carabiniers units and his Guard Mamelukes created only small squadron. Did you see Russian Guard Black Sea Cossacks in so relatively big, 100 men squad? There are other stupid cases too. These facts in many cases make Guard units too strong.

Maybe developers knew that, when they rushed their work. Then it is possible that they tried somehow limited Elite Guard units. However it looks that they forgot that in reality Napolon's or Tsar's Imperial Guard were quite big Army Corps.

Was this game-breaking case? Yes, it was.

So, Artillery and Elite Guard units are OP, however you did not notice that.
Eight artillery guns easily can break enemy army and can ruin all enemy buildings.
Russian poweful 100 men Guard Cossack squad or French Guard Horse Carabiners or other Guard with better stats exist in the game, in result they are OP.

In vanilla game they could be game-breaking without a doubt, however you should see these.

Therefore I did many changes in the game. For instance.
Lowered artillery accuracy and fire power, but increased artillery guns number.
Lowered artillery prices and ammunition (consumption), make longer fire range for light cannons
Changed few other things too.

Now artillery in my game looks more realistic, however it still include many glitches.

I did not improve Elite Guard units, because they need a lot of work. Guard units were horrible spoiled, therefore I do not use them in the game, except few times occasionally in BFE.

In summary

Do not accuse me about petty things which 'stealing your time' becasue that was not my intention and not my fault. I only answered on your growing in petty things massages. I'm sorry but that was you which still cast there strange arguments, tried to play with words, cried over my troubles with English language etc.

When this discussion is 'stealing your time' than better do not continue such things.
Open you eyes and try understand that I only tried help you to understand simple cases.

I thought that you little bit know something about Cossacks games and historical metters too.
Therefore I did not cast well known examples which can prove my points every time. For history buffs and Cossacks players hypothetically that were well known things.

There a lot of things which could be changed for the better. First of all let we be more friendly.
Then try discuse what we like or dislike in the RTS games based on historical units.
What we want to see or change in the game. Then try find solution.

In hypothetical reasoning and real facts you did comparing CI and CII as well as other games.
I only continued this to show you my opinion that CII is better. That was my opinion and you do not need to agree with me in this case.


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aiidiiDate: Wednesday, 05/November/2014, 9:57 AM | Message # 22
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I drink, therefore I am.
domCossackDate: Saturday, 08/November/2014, 0:24 AM | Message # 23
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Repeating that my arguments are wrong and the you only follow the absolute dogma which is solely what comes out of your mouth, does not make it true.
You can say whatever you want. I'm not one to bash or make ridicule of someone's struggle with a language that is not their main one, but your lack of understanding of the English language is clear and makes it impossible to communicate with. Because you are finding more subjects to contradict about that I haven't even touched. How you get to such conclusions from what I said is beyond absurd.

My point still stands. I did not compare CI and CII, telling my experience and how I got into the game is not a comparison. I did not compare it with other games, it's not called comparison, it's called analogy, learn your vocabulary. YOU compared it to CI, and you tried to compare it to AoEIII.

My reasoning was simply due to you saying CII is best of all games, therefore I said: "being the best doesn't mean it is good". This does not necessarily need to serve as a claim, it's just that, a reasoning, it's called logic. I was in no way affirming that in the name of CII, was just putting the thought on the table. If you wanted to get offended in behalf of your favorite game and take it as an accusation, it is not my problem.

If you're too proud to admit that you jumped to conclusions and made a mistake; tons of them, actually, as I see you're still arguing with things I haven't even stated, and showing me nothing to prove your points other than repeating the same bullshit, again, it is not my problem. You should first need to go back to wherever you were taught to read, NOT just English, anything with a stable text structure, even in your native tongue to get the basics, go ahead and learn the rules of an argument, and how to properly maintain one, while you're there.

At this point, I can only conclude that you are a butthurt child, that believes he knows the ultimate truth because he's been reading a lot of stuff on the internet, and becomes all mushy because I hurt his feeling over his little favorite game. Grow up! Trying to force something into my arguments is not making you look any good. I seriously thought you could be reasoned with; what was I thinking...!?

Quote aiidii ()

Don't worry, that's how I feel at this moment too. I don't know what he wants me to respond to all those things he's putting in that I haven't even addressed. lol
NowyDate: Sunday, 09/November/2014, 1:11 PM | Message # 24
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You cast false points again and again.
It looks that you did not want to discuss about Cossacks games or even BFE-Units Guards.
You only try attack me personally and still cast here rude argumentum ad personam and any argumentum ad meritum.
Your poor rhetoric do not bring here any interesting things. You only try attack me with false arguments again and again. These things logically are nothing worthy, because false = 0.

These cases simply present your bad behaviours.
In such cases I cannot agree with you.
When we disagree in basic matters and you still present only empty arguments, then we cannot continue this discussion. I have better things to do than discuss with somebody who present nothing interesting. So, bye, bye young man.
I'm not a butthurt child and you do not hurt my feelings over CII game.
I criticised this game in many points and many times, you could read these in this forum.
So, logically your rude conclusion was clear absurd.
EbelAngelDate: Sunday, 09/November/2014, 7:27 PM | Message # 25
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Thats enough now.

It is so far from the original post that it isnt helpfull to anyone anymore at this point.

Forum » Cossacks II » Gameplay » BFE - Guard Units (Ugh~ Guard units deserting all the time !)
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