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Patch 1.4 for BFE
DaddioDate: Sunday, 15/November/2015, 10:48 PM | Message # 21
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This is a google translation of the patch's additions and changes.
Patch 1.4 -28 MB -
1) It is corrected AI at Spain.
2) It is corrected AI at the Rhine union.
3) It is corrected AI at Poland.
4) the glitch resistance poselkovoj militias from soldiers with yataganom Is corrected.

The general(common):
4) It will be corrected a glitch with the chamber and prospect, the chamber there is above, a prospect not by default.
5) the bug with rassinkhronizatsiej with the Frenchmen Is corrected.
6) the Bug with rassinkhronizatsiej on cards(maps) 2 on 2/3 on 3.
7) mistakes(errors) of the Shell (a card(map), a rating, a rating of
the player, the description of fights) Will be
8) the start of game in a mode « Fight for the Europe » (an attack from sector Paris on sector Toulouse) Is corrected.
9) the mistake(error) at which some helps were not visible at loading Is corrected.
10) the bug of the help in the German version games (training) Is corrected.
11) Display of the German text in the Russian version.
12) Uvelichina productivity of game on some systems.
13) the Glitch in the second mission of campaign " Road on the Vein ".
14) the Glitch of last mission for Poland.
15) 20/30 poselkovoj militias in some cards(maps).

1. The Skirmish-card « Four kings » is modified
2. The Skirmish-card "Desert" is modified
3. The Skirmish-card « Winter fight » is modified
4. The Skirmish-card "Peninsula" is modified
5. The Skirmish-card « Southern city » is modified
6. The Skirmish-card « the Track of War » is replaced with other card(map)

The general(common).
One stable for an easy(a light) cavalry is left.
Speed of preparation is changed: Ulany 100, Horse the huntsman,
Easy(Light) Dragoons-125, Dragoons 130, Hussars 135, Beduiny 100, the
Easy(Light) Arabian cavalry 120, Egyptian Mamelyuk 150, the Don cossack
The limit is entered: the pedestrian of the huntsman 4 groups +5 chel; sappers 2 groups +5 chel; tuaregi 3 groups +5G5;.
Efficiency of defeat by a case-shot +20 (45) is increased.
The limit of easy(light) guns +1 (3) is increased.
Accuracy of fire of heavy guns of +40 % is increased.
The radius of fire for towers of +20 % is increased.
Perezaryadka the pedestrian huntsmen it is increased up to 650.
The maintenance(contents) of all grenadiers in gold is increased +2, the price is increased: iron +2 (10),
Gold +2 (4) (except for Russia, gold +1 (3)).

The building "Metal works" iron is added makes.
Reduced price of upgrades for extraction of a tree and stone.
Fuziler - morals-10 (95)
The musketeer - is lowered the charge of gunpowder-1 (5).
Preparation of the pedestrian huntsman and fuzilera is possible(probable) after academy.
Speed of carrying out of upgrades is changed to a tree and a stone with 2500 up to 250.
Moral pressure at the Easy(Light) cavalry of Rhine is cleaned(removed)

The musketeer - is lowered the charge of gunpowder-1 (5).
The upgrade « Perevooruzhit musketeers » +20 (120) to damage from a shot is entered,
+10 % time of preparation. The price 1000 gold 1500 iron.
Preparation of the pedestrian huntsman is possible(probable) after a stable.
Construction of a stable is possible(probable) after a barracks.

The musketeer - is lowered the charge of gunpowder-1 (11).
The grenadier - health +5 (105)
The upgrade « is entered To reorganize preparation of musketeers » +2
(12) to damage from impact, an expense for preparation in iron-1, +50 %
time of preparation. The price 1000 gold 1000 iron.
At Britain on 1/3 (rise in price of construction of the Big House is increased by 50 units)

Speed of accumulation of experience ulanom 30/3.
Construction of a warehouse is possible(probable) after a barracks.

Gerilyas - preparation in the smith, groups on 60 person, the charge of gunpowder +1 (5),
Speed of preparation +5 (15).
Grenader-impact +3 (18). Expenses for preparation +20 (70) meals.

Speed of manufacture of artillery is increased twice.
The tower - is twice lowered time of construction and progress of the
price. The charge of gunpowder on a shot uravnen with the European tower
of 50 gunpowders on a shot.
Beduin - expenses of gunpowder for a shot-1 (14)
Easy(Light) cavalry - expenses of gunpowder for a shot-2 (13)
YAnychar - expenses of gunpowder for a shot-1 (9)
The soldier with yataganom - impact +1 (5) protection against bullets-5 (10) is lowered is added from impact +2 (2)
The effect of a upgrade of attack of soldiers with yataganami is
changed, now it(he) gives force of attack +4. The Reduced price 1500
iron 1000 gold.
Reduced price and time of construction of fortresses at Egypt.

The national Guards - the price in iron-1 (4), preparation is accessible after academy.

Landver-the price in iron-1 (4), preparation is accessible after the market.
Grenader-impact +1 (13), cost of preparation meal +20 (70).

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