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Forum » Cossacks II » Map & Scenario Editing » Question to map makers (About geographical and tactical conditions)
Question to map makers
DaddioDate: Saturday, 17/July/2010, 5:17 PM | Message # 11
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Get me a topographical map of an area that you would like to see recreated, and I will do my best to replicate it.

NowyDate: Friday, 10/May/2013, 8:53 AM | Message # 12
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I don’t know how detailed topographical maps you need. What is more there are some another problems too.

You know Silesia is historical region located mostly in present-day Poland with parts in the Czech Republic and Germany. Therefore it is not easy put separate topographical maps for that entire region. Nevertheless skilled man can find Silesia on map of Poland. You can use some links with another Silesian maps which I put in this thread earlier too. I add few next maps here.

Near the same story is with Saxony and Thuringia map. Theses regions located in present –day Germany changed theirs historical borders few times. Therefore you should use few maps there, historical and topographical maps all together. You can find some info in next links which I put here.

More detailed maps you can also find on Google Earth, but too much detailed maps will can make more problems with game maps in C2. Therefore I think that major things from basic topographical maps will be enough there. Proper locations for mountains, plains, rivers, towns and main roads you can find on these maps. Some problems will be with forests and it need little bit more investigation.

Place for buildings and players bases on skirmish map also will can make some problems nevertheless starting point are usually in map corners. Therefore for Silesian map it can be locate on north west, near town Zielona Gora for one player and on south east border near Katowice town for second player. For Saxony skirmish map in C2 players can built theirs bases near Dresden and Leipzig.

Maybe all of these can little bit help.

Added (12/May/2011, 12:50 PM)
Maybe I will tedious, but maybe this next post will be somehow interesting for somebody and will give some information for map makers which can prepare proper sectors maps for C2 Battle for Europe Campaign or it will be useful in new game development.

Galicia sector
Galicia was historical region which is currently divided between present-day Poland and Ukraine. During Napoleonic Wars Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria was dependent to Austrian Empire. It was territory which Austrian Habsburg Monarchy annexed in the First Partition of Poland in 1772. There also were added to this province New or West Galicia after Third Partition of Poland in 1795. However this last territory was returned after impressive campaign when small Polish Army quickly grow in strength and defeated Austrians. Then Polish Duchy of Warsaw doublet their territory in 1809. Russia as French ally also took part in that campaign, and later occupied east part of Galicia - Tarnopol region between 1809-1815.

There were few diplomatic cases too. When Napoleon wonder how recreate Polish Kingdom he even thought about proposition to exchange Austrian Galicia territory with French occupied Illyrian Provinces, but Austrians did not want to do this before Russian Campaign in 1812. However Austrians sent their Army Corps as French ally in this campaign, but in next year they changed side, and again fought against Napoleon. Russia soon gave them in return east Galician Tarnopol region.

Galicia was interesting and therefore should be included as new sector in the game.
It could be Lvov (Lemberg) sector which was provincial capital at that period. This sector could represent that territory which Austria took during Poland first partitions in 1772. There can be also add Bukovina region, which Austria conquered on Ottoman Empire in 1775. These two provinces could be in one Austrian sector in the beginning of C2 Battle of Europe Campaign.

It needs few changes for existing in the game Transylvanian and Krakow sectors which both have wrong territories now. Then all these sectors on global Europe map will be more accordingly with historical facts.

Existing in this game Krakow sector should have other territory, then it could represent even New or West Galicia, and this region Austria can easy gain in the beginning of that campaign as special diplomatic event - Third Partition of Poland in 1795.

Austrian Galicia mainly were upland and highland, and all south border was on Carpathian Mountains. North west border was on Vistula river, north east on uplands of Poland and Ukraine. On west, Galicia bordered with Austrian and Prussian two Silesian provinces. East border was on Zbrucz river on Ukraine.

Galicia was populous region where on the west lived Poles and on the east also many Ukrainians, known at that time as Ruthenians. There lived many other nationalities too. Galicia gave many recruits for several infantry and cavalry regiments which serviced in Austrian Army. However many Poles were unwilling to fought for Austrian monarch and they even deserted sometimes to Polish formation in French service at that period.

Galician economy was not big and this was mainly agricultural region. However there were located famous and reach salt mines, and salt works in Wieliczka and Bochnia, and many breweries, and alcohol distilleries which gave fine income. There also were many stone pits, forests and rivers.

Main roads in Galicia lead from west to east, from Wien through Cieszyn in Austrian Silesia and then through Krakow, Tarnow, Rzeszow and Jaroslaw to Lvov.

Lvov was big fortified town and cross road where many roads lead from this town. On north west from Lvov lead road to Warsaw through Zamość. On east lead road which had crossroad in small Zloczow town and then one road lead on north through Brody town to Russian border, and next one road on south from Zloczow lead to Tarnopol and then to Kamieniec Podolski on Ukraine.

On south east from Lvov lead road through Stanislawow and Czerniowce in Austrian Bukovina, and then to Ottoman vassal Moldavia Principality.

On south west from Lvov road lead through Przemyśl to Hungary. Across Galicia also leads other road to Hungary e.g. road from Krakow through Nowy Sącz. All roads to Hungary crossed Carpathian Mountains.

On south west from Lvov were located small provincial towns as like Sambor, Drohobycz, Stryj and there were few local roads.

Here you are some historical maps where you can find Galicia region.


Added (20/May/2011, 1:21 PM)
It could be good make some changes in next sector which now cover in the game south part of Galicia together with Transylvania region.
This sector have wrong territory and provincial capital Bucharest. Transylvanian capital was Klausenburg at that period and better put this town into the game. This region could be eventually merged in one sector together with another one historical Banat region.

Transylvania and Banat Sector

Transylvania is a historical region in the central part of present day Romania. This was past Ottoman vassal country which came under the control of the Habsburg Empire at the end of 17th century.

Banat is a geographical and historical region currently divided between three countries Romania, Serbia and Hungary. Habsburg Monarchy took that region from the Ottomans under military administration in early 18th century and in 1779, the Banat region was incorporated into Habsburg Kingdom of Hungary.

Transylvania bordered with two Ottoman vassals principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, while Banat was military frontier with Ottomans domains in Serbia.

Due to its complex history, the population of Transylvania as well as Banat were quite diverse from an ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural point of view.

Transylvania population consists in majority of Romanians, but there were large minorities Hungarians, Saxon Germans and few other minorities. Banat was populated mainly by Romanians in the eastern part, Serbs in the western part. There lived also many Germans, little Hungarians, several different Slavic nationalities and other minorities.

The regions’ history can partly be traced through the religions of its inhabitants. Most Romanians in Transylvania were of Eastern Orthodox and Greek-Catholic Church, Hungarians mainly belonged to either the Roman Catholic or Reformed Churches, while a smaller number were Unitarians. Germans have mostly been Lutheran and Catholic. Banat Serbs were Eastern Orthodox.

The Habsburg Grand Prince administering the country through governor and political power was shared between the mostly Hungarians nobility and Germans burghers, while population was made up mainly by other nations.

This diversity, national mixture and borders with Ottomans domains and their Romanian vassals influenced over military and economy aspects.

Transylvania upland plateau is bounced by Carpatian Mountains to the north, east and south borders and Apuseni Mountains to the west. There run many mountainous streams, tributaries and rivers as like Mares, Szamos (Somes) and Aluta (Olt).

Banat is lowland (flat) and bordered by the rivers Danube to the south, Tisza to the west and Mares to the north, and South Carpathian Mountains to the east.

Transylvania was rich in mineral resources lignite (coal), iron, lead, gold, copper, salt and sulfur. Nevertheless it also was agricultural region where food production, wine production and fruit growing had important occupations. There were limber or timber and wood products too.

Banat was agricultural region and in town Temeschwar (Timisoara) was placed bear factory and food production. However Resita town became an important metal-manufacturing center with steel works, blast furnaces and iron foundries.

In mountainous Transylvania road system was poor. Main road lead from Hungarian Budapest through Grosswardein (Oradea) to Transylvanian capital Klausenburg (Koloszwar or Cluj), then to Hermannstadt (Sibiu) and to Bucharest in Wallachia principality. Local roads lead between small towns as like Kronstadt (Brasov), Karlsburg (Alba-lulia), Deva, Maros-Vasarhely (Targu Mures) and Bistritz (Bistra).

In Banat road system also was poor. However there lead road from Budapest through Szegedin in Hungary to Temeschwar (Timisoara) and then to Wallachian Bucharest. There also were few local roads from Timisoara to smaller regional towns as like Lugosch (Lugoj), Reschitz (Resita), Caransebes (Karanesbesch), Pantschowa(Pancevo) and Werschitz (Vrsac). Another road lead from Temeschwar to Hungary through Arad town.

Here you can read some more about Transylvania and Banat regions.


and here you can find maps showing these Habsburg domains



Transylvania name means parts beyond the forest on the other side of the woods, but in German and few other languages it was named in meaning as seven fortresses.  And do not forget about count Dracula and his birthplace.

Added (23/July/2011, 12:48 PM)
Danzig (Gdansk) sector

It will be fine implement into C2 Battle for Europe Campaign new province - Danzig (Gdansk) sector.
This was not big, but important territory which can be interesting in the game too.

Region is placed in north Poland. It had long history and few different names as like Pomorze Gdanskie, Royal Prussia or West Prussia. These territory Prussia took during First (in 1772) and Second (in 1793) Partitions of Poland. Then Napoleon established here Free city or Republic of Danzig, which existed between 1807-1815.

However smaller towns as like Konitz (Chojnice), Elbing (Elblag), Marienburg (Malbork) and Graudenz (Grudziadz) still belonged to Kingdom of Prussia, while few other towns as like Kulm (Chelmno), Lobau (Lubawa), and Thorn (Torun) were ceded to Duchy of Warsaw.

Danzig together with part of West Prussia could be placed in one sector occupied by Prussia in the beginning of Battle for Europe Campaign. Thorn and Kulm could be in Posen sector. This last sector could be gained by Prussia in diplomatic case as Second Partition of Poland in 1793 and later there could be Polish uprisings in 1794 and 1806. Then it could be ceded to Duchy of Warsaw from 1807. This way starting positions and initial scenarios will better show historical background.

West Prussia was important territory because it separated and isolated Province of East Prussia from other western Prussian possessions. What is more Danzig held an important strategic position. It was fortified city, trade and fishing port which was biggest along the Baltic coast. Furthermore, it had many storages with precious resources as like powder, grain and other goods. These were needed in substantial campaigns in the east.

Therefore here were organized French base and depots before East Prussian campaign in 1807 and before Russian campaign in 1812. There also were two long sieges, first from March to May in 1807 and second from January 1813 to January 1814.

Prussian and then French, which also used some Polish, German and even Neapolitans soldiers, maintained here strong garrisons. Russian also engaged their troops and British sent their ships.

In this region were fought other battles e.g. at Dirshau (Tczew) and Graudenz was long besieged, and it was not captured until the end of war in 1807.

Here you can find some maps and information about that region.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_City_of_Danzig_ (Napoleonic)

Danzig (West Prussia) sector will be welcome, however it get in consequence correction in Konigsberg (East Prussia) sector. This last one sector will be little bit smaller and poorer, nevertheless it can better represent eastern Prussian Province. This last province was not so populous and had not significant, mining recourses. However here was Konigsberg an important for Prussia city and here were fought big battles as like Eylau, Heilsberg and Friedland in 1807.

Added (11/April/2013, 7:26 PM)
This is old thread, however sectors represented in Battle for Europe Campaign it is still interesting case.
Especially for these which woud like to mod some things in C2 or would like to know something about these provinces.
There stiil would be interesting to add some more provinces and few states into the game.

I cast few detailed informations about few provinces which were not included on Global Europe Map.

These were:
Silesia -Breslau (Wroclaw)
Saxony - Dresden
Galicia - Lemberg (Lvov)
Transylvania - Klausenburg (Cluj)
West Prussia - Danzig (Gdansk)

If somebody can add these sectors it would be fine.
Then Prussia, Austria and Germany could include few more sectors in the game.

There also are other provinces which could be taken into consideration.

In Italy, Germany and Austria were many different posesions which changed their dependence many times.
Therefore it would be good include more sectors e.g.

Italy: Turin, Rome, Venice
North Germany: Hamburg (this could include German northern coast anexed into French Empire in 1810)
Tyrol: Insbruck (this could include also Salzburg and Inn Quarter regions)
Illyria: Trieste (this could include Dalmatia, South Croatia and Slovenia)

These provinces allow play alternative actions in Battle for Europe Campaign.
New provinces could add new opportunites in the game. Many regions still are not represented in the game.

For instance.

Some new provinces for Russia: Saint Petersburg, Odessa, Rostov on Don.
Russian Empire had vast territory and this fact should be somehow recreated in the game.
Few sectors in North and South East Russia allow play some wars even against Sweden and Ottomans.
Ottoman Empire also had vast territory in South East Europe, West Asia and North Africa. They also were involved in Napoleonic Wars.

It would be fine include this empire and several minor states which took part in Napoleonic Wars or fought their own wars.

1. Ottoman Empire : Istanbul, Bukarest, Belgrade, Sofia, Athens, Damascus provinces.

There were few events and combats e.g.
* Russo-Ottoman forces captured Ionian Isles 1798-1799 and estabished there Septinsular Repubic
* Russian ceded Ionian Isles to France in 1807, then British captured it between 1809-1814
* Ottoman actions against French in Egypt and Syria 1798-1801
* Ottoman were involved in civil war in Egypt in 1802-1805
* Russian took Ottomans' possestions on Caucasus 1803-1804
* Serbian uprising 1804-1813
* Russo-Ottoman War 1806-1812
* Janissaries mutinies, sultans assassinations and coup de etats 1807, 1808
* British failure Dardanelle operation 1807
* French and British Adriatic campaigns 1806-1814

2. Batavia-Holland : Amsterdam
There were few events, naval engagements as well as few land campaigns e.g.
* French created client state Batavian Republic which allied with France between 1795-1805
* Naval Battle of Camperdown in 1797
* Anglo-Russian invasion on Batavia against French in 1799
* British failure Walcheren campaign in 1809
* Napoleon created Kingdom of Holland 1806-1810 with his brother Louis as the King.
* Napoleon annexed Dutch territory and army into French Emipre in 1810. Few Dutch regiments were represented even in Napoleon's Imperial Guard.
* Dutch took part in few campaigns as French allies against Prussia 1806-7, Shill revolt 1809, Russia 1812
* Dutch allied with British and fought at Quater Bras and Waterloo in 1815.

3. Denmark- Norway: Copenhagen
There were few interesting events, naval battles and land combats e.g.
* Denmark together with Sweden, Prussia and Russia took part in League of Armed Neutrality in 1800-1801
* British defeated Danish fleet during Battle of Copenhagen 1801
* British Bombarded Copenhagen and captured Danish fleet in 1807
* Denmark allied with France and led Gunboat War against Britain 1807-1814
* Danish contingent tried help French to defend North Germany in 1813-1814
* Danish-Swedish wars 1808-1809, 1813-1814

4. Helvetia- Switzerland: Zurich
There were few events and engagements e.g.
* French annexed Basel in 1795, Geneve in 1798 and Wallis in 1810
* Austrian, Russian and French were involved in Swiss campaign 1798-1799
* Russian under Suvorov crossed Alps in 1799, Napoleon crossed Alps in 1800
* Prussia was forced gave Neuchatel principality for French Marshal Berthier in 1807, Prussia regained it in 1814
* Swiss serviced as foreign soldiers for French, Spanish or Italians and took part in few campaigns in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Germany

5. Portugal : Lisbon
There were few events and combats e.g.
* Spain attacked Portugali in 1800
* French invaded Portugal few times in 1807-1808, 1809,1810-1811
* Few Portuguese units fought as Legionaries for French, they took part in few campaigns in Austria 1809, Russia 1812
* Other Poruguese units allied with Britain and took part in Peninsula War in 1808-1814.

6. Sweden-Finland : Stockholm, Helsingfors

* Sweden was engaged in Napoleonic Wars few times 1805, 1806-7, 1813
* There was Russo-Swedes war in Finland 1808-1809
* Swedes-Danish-Norwegian wars in 1808-1809 and 1813-1814
* French Marshal Bernadotte was chosen as Swedish cown prince in 1810, then he was Swedes commander, fought against Napoleon and later was Swedish King.

These minor nations Dutch, Danes, Portuguese, Swiss and Swedes could be represented only as added provinces and one or two national units which could defend these terriotries. These new minor states can stay even neutral, but sometimes players could led there some actions. There also could be included several diplomatic and other events. This way players will get more opportunities in Battle for Europe Campaign.

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