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DaddioDate: Saturday, 22/August/2009, 5:38 PM | Message # 1
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It has bothered me a little as to how some maps have the peasants coming out of the mine and depositing the minerals into another building, then returning to the mine for more.

I have tried several things, But finally gave up, since it works fine, its just the animation that is not correct.

one thing I learned was that all miners will go to a storehouse if one is available. I placed one as an outbuilding in one of my villages, and every miner on the map would go to it, and return. I have noticed that on the Russian maps for patch 1.4 they have placed a storehouse in every village in order to get this animation.

It is now my assumption that there is a way to change the coding on a building to make the peasants think that it is a storehouse just for this animation process.

Is this possible?


EbelAngelDate: Saturday, 22/August/2009, 5:53 PM | Message # 2
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Sure you can change any building in to a storehouse where peasants will drop off their resources, but then the md file of that corresponding building needs to be modified and that is a mod and cannot be included with a map.

Same as you, im not too much bothered if they just walk back into the mine, as long as they give the resources to the player.

I had a look at how gsc made their maps and some have a storehouse nearby though others dont, so i have no idea how to pull that one off.



EDIT: actually just thinking of something, there is one building ,under the test section in either neutral or dragon, cant remember now, which may have a resource base set up already, you can also create a mule there if i remember well.

I should have a proper look to see if that is the fact and if it can be used for this and on the gsc maps if they used this building.

EDIT2: nah dont bother, peasants dont seem to drop resources there, the only thing you can do with that building is create a packhorse

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