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Europe Global Map in BFE
NowyDate: Saturday, 20/September/2014, 1:46 PM | Message # 1
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Battle for Europe Campaign is an interesting game mode.
However include many glitches especially in presented sectors and factions actions in Europe Global Map.
I was always disappointed with these crazy patchwork carpet maps which occured here in late stage of gameplay.
It was horrible when every faction could so easy conquered all available sectors in the game.  What is more, many sectors had strange shape, incorrect borders, wrong capitals and Europe map laked in many important or well known sectors and famous places or objects which were very important in that period.

Therefore I got a guestion how somebody can improve or change this map?

I mean how we can include more elements or objects on this map e.g.
a) more land sectors
b) some sea sectors
c) few key strongholds
d) some significant fortresses or fortifications or fortified towns
e) some key naval bases and dockyards
f) some significant trading ports
g) some distant trade centres
i) more factions leveled in few tiers
j) change commanding junior officers into Generals

Generally how we can improve Europe Global Map in the game?

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EbelAngelDate: Sunday, 21/September/2014, 3:45 AM | Message # 2
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I wrote some basic information about this a long time ago:


It should be enough to get you started, but there's  a lot of files involved, so it wont be easy to keep track off everything.

NowyDate: Monday, 22/September/2014, 11:31 AM | Message # 3
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Thanks, I've read these basic information and watched some folders and files in the game.
There's a lot of files involved, some are quite useless, especially in more realistic gameplay. In many cases these files refer to existing sectors, but I still do not know where I can change or improve some parts of Europe Map.
For instance how I can implement some key strongholds as like Gibraltar, Malta, Cadiz, Antwerp, Danzig, Cagliari, Palermo, Stralsund or siginificant naval bases and dockyards as like Chatham, Deptford, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Woolwich, Toulon, Brest, Texel, Copenhagen, Cadiz, Catragena, Kronstadt, Sevastopol etc.
It would be fine include also some trading ports as like Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Southampton, Newcastle, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremen, Lubeck, Copenhagen, Danzig, Lisbon, Porto, Genoa, Venice, Livorno, Istanbul, Izmir, Tripolis etc.
It would be interesting include some see sectors controlled by maritime powers.
Then such important sea sectors as like English Channel or some sectors on Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea etc. could not be so easy crossable by enemies navies and armies.
These are quite new objects on Europe Map and they more relate to naval warfare than to land war, but these places were important during Napoleonic Wars. Bear in mind who can embark his troops, when he has not any ships or ports? Who can sailing to enemy coast and disembark there his army, when enemy navy is cruissing around and can bombarding such expedition? Sea warfare was very costly affair and these aspects could be present in the game. 

Even these cases could not change standard gameplay, they add important maritime point of view on Battle foe Europe.
Therefore I would like to see these important locations and their names in the Europe Map.
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