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Kangaroo Tool
EbelAngelDate: Tuesday, 02/June/2009, 1:41 PM | Message # 1
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If you have read this thread: http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/forum/29-10-1, then you will surely have noticed the in game Kangaroo tool.

I find this tool particularly intruiging since there seem to be so many options, so i decided to have closer look at it.

I'm still nowhere really, but i decided to post what I'v gathered so far. More tests will be done.

So to access the tool:

Ctrl + Main Menu (opens up the map editor)
Ctrl + E ( Options menu)
Select kangaroo from the list

Hotkeys found out so far:

Alt + mouse: rotates scene in any direction ( left right-up down)
Alt + right mouse : zoom in /out
Alt + scrollwheel on mouse: move scene

Main options menu: (on top of screen)
use the arrow keys( Left/Right) on your keyboard to enable/disable the various modes.


F1: show blue circle ( no idea what this does atm)
F3: brings up a new menu on the right side ( TransformN, effect, texture, devicestate, stateblock, renderstate, texturestate, pointlight
directionall, spotlight, screensprite, worldsprite, picture , overlay) and a new blue circle on the right side)

A: load model
Z: switches between
T: partial in game map and blue map locating scene upper left corner
P: Emitters, and a bunch of other options( dont know how to use them atm) but there are so many of them they gotta be there for a reason
Tab: switch between editor and kangaroo

Crtl + A : hide show main menu
crtl + R : left middle menu---> this one does work. Just click on the different sub menu's. Loads of options. Gotta do more tests.
It seems you can change virtually anything with these options.

Was gonna spam some screenies, but for some smuck reason it doesnt work ( not that i never posted pic's, they just dont show up-ill sort it out later)

So far, i'v only managed to change/modify existing models that are present in the game.
But im pretty sure that one can make a new scene from scratch with this tool ( P )
Its just a matter of time before we find out. I think it might be needed to set this up trought one of the other options inthe menu ( ctrl +E) first as i ran in to some option ' add new 3D scene' but forgot to take a screenshot. I'll sort it out later

As always if anyone one has information, pls share

~to be continued


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DaddioDate: Thursday, 04/June/2009, 5:40 PM | Message # 2
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I have been playing around with this and have made a few mistakes. I changed a few things, not much, text appearance, colors etc. and forgot to make new / separate folder for my game.

Now I get the message "files changed internet game no longer possible" But the thing is that I still can play online. This is a little scary since it some files can be changed, then what else can be changed.

I notice that in c2 both players do not need to have a map in order to play it. It will download that map without any approval from the other player. This is also very scary.

Is it possible for a person to create a cheat, and download it to your game with out you being aware of it?

Scary stuff.


EbelAngelDate: Thursday, 04/June/2009, 5:55 PM | Message # 3
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Hehe daddio,

i also made that mistake the first time i started messing around with cII, had to completely reinstall it. Now i work on a back up to mess around.

Quite weird that you can actually play online when that message appears. However, if its just appearance of things ( such as color, ...) it might be possible to still play. I think when you do major changes it might not work, but tbh, i haven't tested it.

True, it will download the opponents map if you dont have it. I'm not sure however if one can ' attach' malicious software to it, as the maps come in a specific format , and malicious software are usually .exe files. But that beeing said, it might be possible, I cant tell 100%. Nothing is water'cheat' proof as i have learned.

I will have to ask around or test myself.

Thanks for sharing

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