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Forum » American Conquest » Modding » special project: converting AC into populous: the beginning
special project: converting AC into populous: the beginning
jemma95Date: Thursday, 31/March/2016, 6:05 PM | Message # 1
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Hey peoples,

Currently I am busy converting american conquest into the 3D god simulation game called populous: the beginning
Just google populous: the beginning and you will be taken to 100s of sites with info, downloads etc.
Ive tried multiple times to convert populous the beginning to a 2,5D rts engine with only partial succes.

Ive known cossacks for many years now, but only recently I found out about its spinnoff game AC which is a more modern version of the game engine
I already done some succesful engine upgrades by even putting the divided nation exe into the vanilla AC game, it required some dlls like dipserver.dll and vopl.exe to be updated,
But after error and trial I finally upgraded the game engine of AC tp FB but with AC playstyle with all extra parameters and improved animations :)
This engine upgrade made me realize that this will be the best choice for a populous 3 total game conversion to take both these games to an higher level :)

To basically explain populous 3: you must lead your tribe to victory by building up your settlement with workers and train them into warriors, firewarriors, peachers or spies.
The leader of your tribe will be the shaman, she can cast a variety of spells which will decide the fate of victory and cause spectacular effects :)
This engine got unique properties that can perfectly mimic the game like generation and consumption of resources by objects, unique ways to cast spells by editing weapontypes etc.
But especially the ability of sending workers into a building to convert them to military followers, this was something crucial that was missing all the time, something else crucial that was missing
is the ability to edit landmass, now it seems possible with pieces files connected to a md object making it possible to shape land, unfortunately I dont think its possible to add water to a piece :(

Anyways for now im using the graphics of native american tribes as placeholders to make the progress on the actual gameplay faster, but seems those graphics fit actually pretty well to be honest, so I might stick to them actually :)
This will save lots of time, and I need to conduct lots of balancing tests vs the other nations inside the game, because I want to add this tribal nation as a very special game addon that makes it a totally different challenge with huge battles and special magic :)

some overview of spells I try to put inside the game:
> Fireball: A powerful blast that throws followers into the air and damages them
> Lightning: A more powerful version of blast, that instantly kills followers directly being struck by it and sets buildings on fire, damaging them heavily
> Tornado: Need I to explain anything? :P random trajectory projectile item which damages nearby followers and buildings on its path
> Swarm: A deadly swarm of stinging insects which will injure anyone that comes across it
> Ghosts: This game engine allows this spell to have multiple options: pick a follower type which you want to spawn, it will create lots of them, but they are very weak versions with only 1 hit point, this will distract or mislead the enemy or you can use them as decoy or cover up or w/e brilliant strategies you decide on.
> Swamp: Creates a deadly puddle killing anyone touching it
> Rise: Create a plateau of higher land to create strategical advantages or disadvantages
> Dip: Create a hole into the ground to create strategical advantages or disadvantages
> Distort: Adds hills to a portion of land to make it unbuildable
> Berserk: Create a super version of a follower which is faster and stronger than its fellows
> Angel of Death: One of the most horrible spells: Summons a deadly creature which stalks and kills everyone it comes across, only firewarriors can attempt to defend against it
> Rain of Fire: Rains a swarm of deadly fireballs over an area which destroys/kills everything it hits
> Earthquake: Creates a long crack into the ground damaging all nearby objects and followers.

These spells are mostly based on the original game, but due to the extensiveness of the engine I can think out more spells, and also private spells that followers can cast onto theirselves to make them better and things like that

also a question about pieces files: when I try to add soldiers into a piece of different player colors they automatically convert to neutral, is there a way to heximally force a playercolor inside these smp files? anyone a hit?
this will be a crucial step into being able to cast negative spells on other players like bankruptcy  or boosts, just thinking smile
DaddioDate: Friday, 01/April/2016, 2:30 PM | Message # 2
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Your game sounds very interesting.

But AC is a very old engine in the world of PC games.

It was already superseded by the C2 engine, and will be again by the new C3 engine. The AC engine has multipal problems running on the newer operating systems like win 7 and above.

I would think if you placed your efforts into modding the C3 engine you would be much better off.

The C3 developers has provided all of the modding tools with the purchase of the game. It has been stated that modding the game will be very easy.

ThePeaceKeeperDate: Thursday, 20/October/2016, 7:03 PM | Message # 3
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Any progress on this?
Forum » American Conquest » Modding » special project: converting AC into populous: the beginning
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