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Ienzo's Map Making Thread
IenzoDate: Wednesday, 28/July/2010, 2:12 PM | Message # 1
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Well, in Simtropolis and SC4D, they have Building threads and City Threads, so Ill follow suite here.
BTW, how do I add an avatar and signature? I keep pressing My profile, but when I save changes, the changes aren't saved.

Added (28/July/2010, 2:12 PM)
So far, I am making a set of maps I will call The Ottoman Campaign that deals with an alternate history when Napoleon invades the Ottoman Empire in 1812 instead of Russia (Russia doesn't rebel yet and joins Napoleon's campaign).

Ottoman Campaign (Alternative History Campaign)
The Ottoman Empire rebels against Napoleon!
Napoleon, aided with Warsaw allies and Austrian volunteers, marches into Ottoman territory, hoping to make an example out it. He hopes to create two client kingdoms: Kingdom of Serbia and Kingdom of Greece and the rest of Turkey for himself and use the other parts of the Ottoman Empire as a prize to Austria. Russia later joins to pick the meat and so Britain is forced to provide arms and later engage in head on combat. It is further intensified when more nations join the quest to either destroy or retain the Old Man of Europe. Some nations, dissatisfied with Napoleon, will switch sides to form the Sixth Coalition.

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XJoel15Date: Thursday, 25/November/2010, 3:00 AM | Message # 2
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Hello, I'm newbie. YOu gonna make a map?

Forum » American Conquest » Gameplay » Ienzo's Map Making Thread (Map Making Thread)
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