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Questions, suggestions, remarks and wishes to C2 BfE
NowyDate: Tuesday, 27/March/2012, 10:02 AM | Message # 101
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It is hard to believe that all these wishes could be implemented into this game.

Generally I wish for more sectors in BFE, more factions, more artillery guns and specialized wagons, Generals, Chiefs, Adjutants and units which could be more historically accurate, can use proper tactics, can get better organization, scale and formations in C2.

Already I suggested implement many different things, for instance 55 land sectors and 5 sea sectors.
Then I also suggested add next 5 land sectors and implement them as neutral (buffer) sectors for some new minor and major factions.

I even introduced hypothetical order of battle which included General commanders, Chiefs of military branches and few commanding levels.

I got some wishes to war engineers responsibilities, artillery organization and equipment too.

Think that it could be worthy include some specialized ammunition, supply and baggage wagons, bridging carriers, wooden or pontoon narrow bridges and some field fortifications.

All these things could make the game more various, and bigger variation could be more interesting, even more historically accurate and more fun.

There were lot of things and hard work for many people, therefore professional team was needed.

What a pity that I still can not see any team which can do it well.

Added (27/March/2012, 10:02 AM)
I got next suggestion for good modders.

Cossacks 2 as simple real time strategy game include only very simple economic aspects. There exist quite fine village economy system where we can find basic food production, gold, iron and coal mines. However wood and stone are gathered in style which looks quite strange and unrealistic.

Worse that these crowded masses of peasants, which work there, can inflict some troubles. These peasants are counted into national population and this case can cramp possibilities to assemble grand army. Lot of working peasants also influenced on computer memory and game playability. It should be somehow improved.

This economy is very simple and the game do not include some more things which could give more variations for better gameplay as well as better immersion on European economical rivalry during Napoleonic Wars.

There were great economical and social transitions at that period. There were great industrial revolution in Britain, overseas trade, colonial expansions, continental blockade and other mercantile aspects which had great influence on all economy.

It would be fine include some these things in the game. Simple agriculture, mining, small market and some civil buildings as like town centre, store, black smith, manufacture for Britain, and next store for Rhine Confederation included there are not enough.

It could be good implement more economy sectors, some industrial buildings, wagons for moving goods and materials, shipbuilding, several new technologies, innovations, mechanized production or better organized labour which can make greater progress in economy.

Even now in the game exist few civil buildings which could represent industrial buildings. Some representations for water and steam powered and mechanized textile mills, factories, ironworks, warehouses, brickyards, dockyards, ports and even banks and insurance services, and some transport improvements also could be fine.

Economical progress could be represented in the game as upgrades for villages and few industrial or towns buildings. These could give more production even with lower human labour and this way there could be less peasants and more factories workers and townsmen. These industrial workers could be even invisible, because they can work inside of buildings.

There also could be implemented few innovations to transport system. For instance turnpike trusts roads network can take tolls and maintain main roads. It could allow increase number of roads where carts (wagons) hauled by teams of horses can move heavy goods transports.

There also could be built few new engineered roads, canals, waterways, ports and there could led overseas trade routes. These could improve transport infrastructure and can grow income and all economy progress in the game.

These things needs some research, development and innovations, but these things could be interesting in the game. These improvements could give fine visual effects and could influence on other game aspects too.


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