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Forum » American Conquest » Modding » Hawks European Warfare (HEW)
Hawks European Warfare (HEW)
[hwk]poppenDate: Saturday, 04/December/2010, 9:24 PM | Message # 1
The master of Pike and shot
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"Hawks European Warfare; Napoleonica" (HEW) download;

FileFront Server (usually fastest) http://files.filefront.com/EW+HFVexe/;13542570;/fileinfo.html

This fixes some mistakes and add some new stuff (no need of previous patches since this contains everything). This patch is also necessary to play our maps:

From FileFront http://files.filefront.com/HEW+Patch+3+1exe/;13922624;/fileinfo.html

From our website DOWNLOAD THE PATCH

How to install?

Just install a fresh copy of American Conquest Fight Back and run the EW_HFV. When asked to where should you install it write the exact location of your American Conuqest Fight Back installement. Be sure to click yes when asked to overwrite files. Have fun

Downloading this vista patch isnt necessary anymore since the latest patch now contains the fix within.

European Warfare Napoleonica Hawks' edition

This version encompasses both Single player and multiplayer, bunch of new goodies for the editor and a scenario editor for creating single and multiplayer mission maps.

The only problem in this version is that Ai in the random map doesn't function correctly, except to some extent the France. The Ai is being worked on atm and a patch with it will come out soon.

Single Player:

Campaing - Currently contains no missions. But a campaing is being developed and will be avavible together with the patch that will come out for the Ai

Designed Maps - Contains a set of predesigned historical battles, where you can try out your skills against the Ai. Also there is a test predesigned deathmatch map for 1vs1 (Prussia vs France). Also any mission map you make with the scenario editor will be avavible trought designed maps.

Random Maps - Nothing special here, just the same old Deathmatch style game. As mentioned previously the Ai doesn't function correctly so it will be fixed soon (except for the french Ai to some extent)


Ordinal/Rating - Designed maps (where you can choose the regular predesigned maps or the mission maps you create using scenario editor) and Random map.

Battlefield - Currently containing two historical battles, the battle of Vimeiro (1808.) and Wagram (1809.) which are playable in 1vs1. More battles will be avavible with the patch containing Ai.

Thats about it people, so hope you enjoy it

Non progredi est regredi
peteDate: Sunday, 05/December/2010, 6:57 AM | Message # 2
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Just checked to make sure I have this version and I do. Thanks for posting up, its a good reference.
[hwk]poppenDate: Sunday, 05/December/2010, 4:02 PM | Message # 3
The master of Pike and shot
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theres 1 mor patch on the way. patch 4. ill post it when it is released

Non progredi est regredi
deli_huseyinDate: Saturday, 19/February/2011, 3:41 AM | Message # 4
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I have a question.. I downloaded a mod called european warfare napoleonica..there were two mods first one is gexozoid version other one is awar's version but I downloaded awar's mod I think its in russian( internetwars.ru) I have fightback original.I installed that mod but game didnt run..I bought fightback to play that mod only..
so my question is your mod is a developed version of the mod that I downloaded ??
OssDate: Wednesday, 23/February/2011, 2:39 AM | Message # 5
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What kind of errors do you get when you run European warfare? If none, does it run the game with no mods?
If it dosn't run with any mods then it's your computer and such.

If its the mod, its probably the way you installed it. Check back your installation probably and read the readme real good.

Hope you get it running. There's bad guys to whip!!! smile

[hwk]poppenDate: Thursday, 24/February/2011, 0:24 AM | Message # 6
The master of Pike and shot
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awars mod is the same mod. but with an unstable engine. gexozids is much better. and has a total of 4 patches. now. it has more then awars becuase of these said patches

Non progredi est regredi
NowyDate: Thursday, 24/February/2011, 2:36 PM | Message # 7
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Awars and gexozoids mods were diffrent in few aspects. Basicaly it was gexozoid mod, but Awar made some things in other way for his mod e.g. AI tryed handel more complex army organisation and general commanders could crated brigades which acted in few combat formations. This AI used all nations, while Gexozoid HEW can handel only French. Another few differences were in formations types, buildings and units scaling.
Awar also used some sources from Cossacks games e.g. few units cards from C2. Few other things were prepared in different style too.
This mod had some problems, including unstable engine.

Gexozoid mod had many versions because he worked under this mod in 2003-2009. If I remember well his Hawks Final version European Warfare Napoleonica mod for ACFB was the last version which he prepared in spring 2009.

It was very impressive mod and maybe the best based on AC and Cossacks games. Nevertheless it have many problems and sometimes it looks that Gex
did not improved many things there. Therefore I always have mixed feelings there and prefer C2 game, however this last game also have many bad looking things.

What goes on with mastersofthefields.com site? Is it still working or not?

[hwk]poppenDate: Thursday, 24/February/2011, 10:08 PM | Message # 8
The master of Pike and shot
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yes. drake forgot to renew the domain. its back up now.

Non progredi est regredi
NowyDate: Monday, 28/February/2011, 3:17 PM | Message # 9
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I have got some more detailed remarks to HEW FV mod for ACFB.

Firstly I must say again that it is impressive mod which have had many versions since 2003. Notice how many positive changes were implemented there. It was great job and now with patch 4 it is quite interesting game, nevertheless still have some problems. I find many things which still needs some improvements. Here I put some remarks, maybe somehow Gex will read them and make new patch in the near future.

Artillery transportation is little bit spoiled this time and new unit limber have troubles. Before this patch installation foot artillery 6 pounder guns were automatic carried with limbers, however their animations looked strange, nevertheless it worked. Now limbers are separate units which do not work well. Strange is also that limbers drivers wore different color than artillerymen uniforms.

Foot artillery guns speed movement has been slow down in patch and it could be fine, but guns maneuvers on position worse now. Earlier foot guns were transported and turned too fast, but on positions they worked smooth. Now artillery guns have more visible troubles, they can seize or jam and even veer round sometimes, and that is bad.

Players can create smaller formations with 20 cavalrymen which can represent cavalry squadron in the game now, and it is very good. Nevertheless cavalry still needs few improvements in cavalry battle tactic e.g. cavalry should not attack infantry squares and then fight so long time to the last cavalrymen. Historically when cavalry charge was not successful and did not broke infantry formations, then cavalry did not stopped and fought with infantrymen so long. Normally in that case cavalrymen withdraw or pass around and soon tried attack enemy again. Cavalry charge was more psychological and dynamic case than long static combat hand to hand. Cavalry got big fear on weakened, inexperienced and unprepared (not in square) infantry, and took huge advantage with horse weight, speed, maneuverability and force of inertia. However good fired volleys and full formed squares formations can stopped cavalry charge, but it should be done in right time and before cavalry charge came and hit. Fire too soon or too late and not formed squares were not effective and in that cases cavalry can broke infantry formation, pursued and killed flying soldiers. Charging cavalry in majority cases broke static and unprepared formations, even it was other cavalry formation. Therefore attacked cavalry made counter-charge or flied away. It should be more visible in the game.

Cavalry still can passing through any other formations and it is quite unrealistic. Horses are big animals and they can not crossing packed formations, because they can make disorder and even trampled friendly soldiers. In that case cavalry formations also could lose needed good order. Passing through, crossing and mixing formations are well known problem in Cossacks and AC games. It should be somehow solved. Maybe implement optionally, occasionally disorder and dismiss the troops in that case. Then players will try avoid such stupid passing formations practice.

Infantry still can so easy crowds and passing through other formations and it looks bad. Huge crowds placed on very small place are well known bug in Cossacks and AC games which looks horrible and spoil the game. That problem was little bit improved in C2, but I do not know how really improve this problem in HEW. It still exist in this game and crowded and mixed formations on battlefields make many problems. Maybe implement some kind of penalty for crowds, mixing and passing through formations in the game. They should be slower in advance and easier go into panic too.

Infantry still can fight to the last man and it is quite unrealistic. I think that weakened infantry formations which is tired or lost 10% men should/could try withdraw to safe place or under cover of friendly formations. If formation can not do it in right time and still fight and lost too many men, then should broke.

One more idea for infantry tactic will be welcome. Do not know is it possible or not, but it could be interesting. During Napoleonic Wars infantry used sometimes skirmish chains. Experienced troops sent their skirmishers companies in front of infantry formations and it was efficient in many cases. Maybe in the game could be this ability for experienced formations which will can send 15 men from their basic 100 men formation in front of this formation and put them as skirmish chain. They still should be members of this formations, but special animations will be needed to show this thin skirmish line in front of line or column formation. It could increase resistant points in fire fights, but when enemy will advance this skirmish chain could get back to the formation line or column. French modeled infantry was very famous with this tactic.

Small troops and skirmishers
Small infantry formations for detached skirmishers, sappers, gendarmes and other infantry should represent foot companies in the game, and it should include 15 men fall into two ranks instead 30 men in three ranks. Lessen men in two ranks better represent companies formations and they could be created faster in the game. These small companies will be welcome in many cases as like defenders strategic points, escort and guard prisoners of the war, and many detached, thin skirmish chains.

These smaller skirmishers companies of course should be more resistant on enemy fire attacks, at last it was not so easy hit men in extended order which still moved or were hided behind terrain obstacles. What is more, historically big, static formations fired rarely on enemy’s skirmishers and sometimes did not fired on smaller troops because it was pure waste of ammunition. Against enemy skirmishers were send “our” skirmishers or cavalry. Stronger formation against smaller units sometimes used bayonets.

In the game skirmishers under enemy’s fire attacks should not be so static. They should move and still try hold the safe firing range or hide somewhere. It makes difficulty in aiming and weakened enemy’s fire and give more resistant points for skirmishers. When enemy formations advance, skirmishers should slowly withdraw, still firing on the enemy. If our army advance, then skirmishers goes first, scout terrain and try weakened enemy’s lines. These were common skirmishers tactics. Next one was defending strategic points. In that case skirmishers used effective terrain obstacles which make them more resistant on enemy fire.

Skirmishers were agile and skilled men, can fired well at long range, but they were not always fast runners. Many times skirmish chain went slowly or with the same speed as had other attacking at long distance infantry. Therefore skirmishers in the game should have two types of speed movement. Cavalry can trotting and galloping, why skirmishers can not running and walking there? They could running on the position and should walking when they fighting, stopping shortly only for fire shoots and reloads. Normally they did not shoot in volleys.

Prisoners of the war
Capture commanders, artillery and peasants exist in the game. Why shocked, encircled generals, officers and common soldiers could not be optionally captured or surrender? It was quite often situation during Napoleonic Wars, and many surrenders were very famous, and even encircled formations surrender sometimes. Think that in the game should be implemented surrender option for shocked soldiers, flying from destroyed formations and waiting around military buildings. If they can not form formation, can not hide under cover friendly formation and still are shocked and encircled they should sometime optionally surrender. This prisoners of the war could went under escort to POWs camps. In that case smaller 15 men infantry companies will be welcome too.

These camps could be recaptured and then prisoners could be freed. Capture POWs could change little bit game play. It can stop stupid killings everyone man existing in later stage of game play. These cases will not occur any more, and game could be more realistic and have better the end.

Units prepared by Gexozoid looks quite fine, however many units have many small mistakes or were not so good chosen. It is a long story and authors choice which and what units improvements he would like implement. If somebody will interesting I can get more details about this units. Now I only put few short remarks there.

Flags are beautiful painted in the game, but flag bearers could not carried so big flags, because it was too heavy and too expensive in reality. Therefore flags should be little bit smaller scaled in the game.

Russian Musketeers got more cold steel attack now, but they should got lessen points for theirs fire attacks. Russian were strong men, but have not good skills in firing and therefore they tried fight with bayonets.

Saxons Musketeer added to the Staff should be added also to Rhinebund Faction. Saxony was important member of Rhine Confederation and gave many soldiers there. Saxons soldiers took parts in many important battles and sieges as like Gdansk, Wagram, Leipzig. They even organized few Corps in French service for few campaigns e.g. Austrian 1809 or Russia 1812 Campaigns.

Swiss Fusilier added to the Staff should be added to French foreign infantry. It could be create in Diplomatic Center or even common barracks. French used many foreigners and Swiss gave them 4 infantry regiments in majority it were fusiliers not grenadiers which Gex put into the game. Historically Swiss Grenadiers formed mainly companies in Swiss battalions and they were not Imperial Guardsmen

Supreme Commanders and General units
Supreme Commanders should be in game not only as Staff units in editor mode, but also on random map in SP. They can be create in palace building or could be placed at start of every game play together with peasants and few infantry formations. Supreme Commander takes command under all Army and could gathering troops.

Generals units should allow to create more complex army organization. I remember that in earlier version EW mod with Awars AI they have ability to create groups of formations which can represent brigades and it was interesting. However there were some problems with these groups which did not hold their positions when they moved.

If it will not be possible implement more complex army organization, then Generals units could be detached as filed major commanders. They should have 3 or 4 little bit different ranks, which gave them some specific skills e.g. increase troops morale, make them less prone for routing, gathering troops, stop panic etc. General with one star rank could take command under brigade level, it is from 2 to 4 basic infantry or cavalry formations. He could service close to this formations and can increase their morale as priest can do it for units now. Maybe he could be attached to one of these formations. Next one General with two stars can take command under division 5-8 formations. He can increase troops morale and make them less prone for routing. Next one General or Marshal with three stars could command Corps, it is 10 to 16 formations. Only Corps and Supreme Commanders could gathering other generals, officers, drummers, flag bearers and soldiers from destroyed formations.

Generals costs creation and maintenance should be decreased. Then in these organization players could use more Generals units on battlefields and it will be more interesting and fun.


SP game balancing needs many improvements e.g.
- cavalry still is too expensive, it needs too much food
- all troops costs too much in gold and needs too much coal and iron for firing
- many buildings a specially barracks are too expensive
- casualties ratio still is too big and too many soldiers are killed in action

AI for SP
Last but not least, I know that this game was prepared mainly for Hawks battles in MP, but must admit that many players like SP and therefore AI for all nation is must there. I remember that in earlier version EW mod have AI which can use more nations than only French one. It is still open question.

Message edited by Nowy - Monday, 28/February/2011, 3:35 PM
[hwk]poppenDate: Monday, 28/February/2011, 11:41 PM | Message # 10
The master of Pike and shot
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patch 4. http://mastersofthefield.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2326

nowy. also added your post to the HWK fourm.
ill post the replys here

patch 4 specs here

-Added dmcr.bat. This file should be used in the following case: If you are running either windows vista or 7
and while running the mod you get pink/yellowish colour overlays in game, then instead of running dmcr.exe
dmcr.bat should be run, which will automaticly terminate your explorer.exe and start the game. After the game
has been finished it will start the explorer.exe automaticly back on.
-Fixed production for Guard Grenadire in Russian Barracks
-Cavalry and infantry officers will from now on be rearly hear shouting their commands to move forward in their
own respective languages, thus decreeseing the ammount of the "unwanted" sounds during a single battle
-French volunteers (national guard) has recived +2 melee attack increese and a slight morale increese.
-Anoter French Volunteer unit has been added under STAFF with +4 melee compared to the original and different graphics
This unit should be used to represent later date troops where french still carried bicorns.
-All artillery have had range increese. From 12p which recived 20% increese to 4 pounder which got some 10%.
Howitzers have recived just a minor 10% increese.
-4 pounder horse artillery has 10% faster reloading for solid shot.
-20 trooper formations for cavalry added which require no staff thus allowing reforming of few troops use for easier
-Grenadires melee attack points changed: Russians recived extra 2, Prussians decreesed for 2.
-Russian Musketeer recived +2 cold steel attack.
-Polish Musketeer recived +1 cold steel attack.
-Austrian Musketeer had a cold steel attack decreese. Now it is 8.
-Guard Cossacks attack lowerd to 22.
-Sappers have had increese in storm force. Now they have the highest along with the french guard grenadire. Storm force indicates
how well will the unit protect or attack a garrisoned building. (regular units go like this from best to worst:
Sappers - Grenadires - Skirmishers - Musketeers - Light infantry - Milita) So it is really important which unit will you garrisone or
with which will you storm the enemy.
-Krakus unit had their cold steel attack decreesed, but remaind with Cossacks and Mameluk the fastest unit in game.
-Engineers can now choose from 2 types of explosive. The old timed and new that is controled by the player when to set off.
The first is the same as old, the second is twice as expensive as the old one and takes longer to make. Thus in a resource
limit match you can choose between 2 explosions or 1 that is fully controled.
-Adjusted cost for explosive barrels and redoubts. Redoubts and times explosives cost 10 stone, while controled 20 stone to easen up the
calculations for the map makers. Wood should be put to infinite and stone to how much you want the players to be allowed to make.
-Movement speed for light cavalry slightly decreesed
-Routed light cavalry going back and forth and as such becoming unkillable or uncontrolable almost completly abolished.
During testing out of 300 light cavalry routed only 1 went into such "state". Latest testings showed that after a few seconds no buggy cavalry is left.
-Light dragoons, Mounted Chassuers, Mounted Jagers and cavalry alike have had morale decreese, making them more prone to routing
-Rheinbund and Russian milita that carry only pikes have had their melee increesed to 18 attack force.
-Field of vision has been chaged drasticly:
General - Has the biggest FOV in game
Scouts ( light cavalry but not including hussars, just the ones that had morale decreese in this patch and inf. skirmishers) - FOV for scouting
Officers - (depending if its cavalry or infantry) has slightly bigger FOV than their troops
Cavalry and infantry have minor FOV, thought cavalry have slightly bigger than infantry
-New ruin-buildings added to the NEUTRALS.
-Garrisonable stable from NEUTRALS has better protection now (before it was easily gunned down).
-Deers are scared on bigger distances, so they should not be getting in fireing range of your troops, at least not often so you can place them on maps
-Points have been readjusted. Actually they never really were set. For example in previous version 1 soldier gave 1 point, while artillery piece gave 0.1
Now all points are readjusted depending on combat value of the troop. Also the objectives give most points, and caputring enemy objective or for example
an artillery piece takes away points from the enemy and gives them to you. This might allow realistic game points reflecting actual game.
Also you can place several objective flags ontop of each other, thus giving several times more points if a cearting objective is captured giving it pointswise
more importance. Points are like this: Infantry - 1, cavalry - 3, flag bearer - 5, general - 50, commander - 200, objective flag 500 ( if captured gives 5x more)
-Redone all single player maps. Now being more stable and playable.
-Now Generals can gallop aswell. They move the same speed as cavalry officers in gallop (Slowest)
-Added garrisonable windmill with no field generation.
-Heavies had lowerd morale (Cuirassiers etc.). BUt nothing extreme, just from the point of no routeing they had, to lowest routing of all cavalry.
-Pack horses move slower now. No-resource giving pack horses give extra objective points. In total some 100 points when killed. Wich goes around killing
20ish of them equals to capturing an objective
-Supreme commanders are capturable (Napoleon, wellington, French Marhsalls etc.). And give more points if you capture them than kill them.
-Added a generic Commander unit under Neutral that is also capturable and gives a good amount of points.
-NEUTRALS renamed to STAFF (ugly to see Napoleon Bonaparte then NEUTRAL by him or any other unit from NEUTRALS)
-Added Saxon Muskeeter under STAFF.
-Added allow/disallow shooting for all garrisonable buildings. Also a notice if you didnt know. If you had troops between a building garrisoned by your man
and the enemy, the building will also shoot down your own troops, so be sure to make use of allow/disallow feature now.
-Added Light Infantry unit for Spain
-Reduced all light infantry morale when in crowds, making them more prone to route and more prone to spread fear if they are kept together with mass attack
-Boats firepower lowerd to 200.
-For saftey reasons and so that people can not manipulate game points, objectives and objective mules have been disable to selfkill. That is, you can not
use the delete button to kill them. Here you need to be careful when map making. Cause if you place to many mules u can easily kill them with enemy troops,
but you can not in any way kill or delete and objective, so be sure to place them only after you have finished the map and saved it before placing them.
-Also cannons and commanders can not be killed by pressing DELETE button, so be sure not to let them fall into your enemies hands.
-Non-moveable 12 pounders added to STAFF
-Added Unicorn cannon to russians. It is a howitzer with range between 6" and 8" and movebility of a 6". Plus it has a cannister fire option.
-Cavalry now actually causes fear to all other infantry and light scouting cavalry just for being on a horse.
-Fixed all overpowerd Turkish units like Camerl Riders, Pikeman and Archers.
-Added Swiss fusilier to STAFF.
-Grenadires have lower Fear of Cavalry.
-Grenadires have recived ability to cause fear by their melee weapons.
-Mounted Grenadires attack force lowered due to the great fear they cause.
-Added Artillery Limber - Find detailed descreption on how to use it properly on mastersofthefield.com/forum or read this:
!!!!so this is the correct porcedure to limber up!!!
1. get your limber near your cannon you wanna limber up
2. select go and attack on the way from the LIMBER and click anywhere
3. now your limber is blocked and it wont move at all by any cause unless you move it yourself
4. set rally point anywhere you want to, but best would be half way between your limber and cannon
5. send cannon to limber
6. do not move limber until the cannon loads
and voila
-All artillery that have in their name "(foot)" now move only by their crew pushed. Only the 4 pounder Horse artillery is horse pulled. The rest needs to be
loaded onto the limber to make it move fast over the field.

"Didn't find a single point viable, and most of them were preaching history of the facts well known long time before.

For limber there is a nice instrucion on how to use it in the readme where you can point him to read it and learn it for the rest its all stuff i know or has been known but not used. HEW is an interpretation of Napoleonic period and thats what it is. Most points are from a person who hasnt much followed the development of the entire mod in detail.

Only viable point I did find is the AI for SP. Not even the balacing for SP was good cause there are REASONS why cavalry cost that much or why infantry cost that much. All done for a reason. But the AI part wont be done unless someone offers to create the AI by themselves which is not likely.

Patch 4 is the last patch, only next possible FIX that will come out is to fix thoes small glitches found in the patch 4.


Non progredi est regredi
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