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C2: Ultimate Skirmish Pack
[ · Screenshot ] 22/February/2017, 1:44 PM

ISO image to mount, created for facilitate Multiple Maps Installations for Cossacks 2 CD, GOG and Steam Editions.
You can select to install from 138 Skirmish Maps for Battle For Europe
but only 123 for Napoleonic Wars due to compatibility reasons.
A Big Thanks to all the Authors of these beautiful Skirmish Maps,
who are aiidii, Agrid, Daddio, PETERSON, Anton, Agamemmnon, S.D,
Tricky Tiger, Gintonic, Little_John, ceegee, Garnier, SammyDouitsssch,
eXerminator, White Crow and some unknowns...

All Maps have been successfully tested.


Feb 2019 : Installer Updated for latest C2 Win10 Steam Version, 

Skirmishes "Back In The Village" by aiidii and "Kost" by [IG]White Crow were included

Enjoy !

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26 mrnonamekingdom  
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so windows says theres a tojan zepevdo.A on the file

27 noniac  
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it detects it for me too

25 ilya_korenko2  
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Спасибо большое!

24 petheridge  
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hello, im having a problem with the AI. when i start a game with more than two factions, only one enemy faction has AI, the rest dont move at all. Thanks

23 dendexroula  
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this is sick thanks

20 billygale00  
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Is there a manual anywhere showing how to install these maps?

22 wakillon  
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Mount the ISO image file by right click on it, "open with Explorer"
Windows Explorer will open Iso image content
Then launch "Cossacks2MapInstaller.exe"


19 billygale00  
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The download doesn't seem to work

21 wakillon  
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Download Link is still valid if you're logged

11 rosenau73  
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I have a problem when I translated the game into my language stood there in the name only things like knciaicaaoi then I threw down the game and reinstalled but then the maps were no longer available I tried to reinstall the maps but I can Do not select them in the program :-(

12 wakillon  
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You can't select a map if the soft find it allready installed
Which language do you want to use in descriptive text file ?
and do you save this file with the same name ?

13 rosenau73  
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german is my language i have the installer but the map files are in the game but they are not playable sad

14 rosenau73  
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can you not make an ,,remove files´´ button ?

15 wakillon  
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No sorry it's too complicate to do

For a proper reinstall, once you have uninstalled the game, you need to delete manually game directory

Path can be like this "C:\GOG Games\Cossacks II - Battle for Europe" or 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cossacks II Battle for Europe"

And you do not answered if once translated, you save descriptive files with exact same name...

16 rosenau73  
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Ok i try this today thank you for helping

17 rosenau73  
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for the files i have save the files

18 wakillon  
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If you get only things like "knciaicaaoi" may be it's a problem of Characters encoding

When you save descriptive file you can select encoding type as UTF8, ANSI or Unicode
By default it's ANSI

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I have made my first video on your skirmish maps, I have noted the installer link in the description, anything else you would like me to do for promotion?

Answer: Fixed that link for you here Mr_buci -E.A.

8 wakillon  
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Well, be carefull, these are not my skirmish maps
and may be you could ask to admins for be allowed to promote their website...
For the Installer you could specify support for Cossacks 2 CD, GOG and Steam Editions

And sorry but I have no time to create C2 battles installer
Thank you

9 EbelAngel  
I think you did a great job here wakillon making this installer. Saves everyone a lot of trouble installing maps. Well done!

10 wakillon  
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Cossacks 2 is an awesome game and it deserved an easy-to-use installer and suited to all editions
Thank you very much  wink

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Are these maps only for skirmish or Can I hope for battle maps too? : )))

4 wakillon  
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Only for skirmish

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Good, I will make Let's plays on your skirmish maps, thanks

1 Ali123  
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Dear friend !

I find no words to describe your sample-program. Great, superious, wonderful.... superb. Gone the work with different installers, gone the Scrolling and inserting in singlemiss, missions.txt and so on. Easy insert a single new found map, easy to configure a new installed game....

And at last (but not least) a special thankyou for a couple of maps I never found before. So I will have many hours of fun !

You gave me something I was looking four more then 15 years (I Play C. since 2005, and BfE, and American Conquest and ACFB, and surely Age of Empires too - all of them with all Versions and Steam too because probs with Windows).
Thanks a lot !!!!

2 wakillon  
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Thank you
Yes it was difficult to install each time a new map, that's why I created this installer
I searched the internet for several months to find some of these maps
It is far from perfect but it helps well and saves time !

Glad you like it  wink

Have a good game !

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I appreciate you work guys, it's great. Could you do the same with battle maps? I cant install with old installers

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