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[OC] Mod Patch
12/January/2010, 9:08 PM
Patch for Davout's [OC] Mod for Back To War.
Requires the Basic Installation
You may also want to read the gameplay manual for this [OC]Mod written by [OC]Ftoomsh
Category: C1 Mod BTW | Added by: EbelAngel
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7 charleslavard  
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I'm getting an error "Could not load SCOTG.(gp|rlc)"
I believe it has to do something with the new nation.

6 lesliedyche  
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I have downloaded and installed this mod, but it does not work.  Every time I try to open it, I simply get an error message about a missing shortcut to "clancher.exe"

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong, I am using Windows 10 if that is any help  sad

5 EbelAngel  
Broken link fixed.

4 YobaYoba  
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If you can't download patch from Gamefront:

2 Souka  
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Link broken

3 EbelAngel  
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Works for me.

1 Endogasparow  
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thx for download

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