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Dead Body Mod for Divided Nation 1
30/May/2010, 8:28 AM
A simple mod that shows the casualties of battle in Divided Nation maps, missions, random maps and multiplayer maps.
This is for people who want to see dead bodies but do not want the HDN mod (HDN mod removes random map and only has Union and Confederacy). This does not affect gameplay in anyway (unlike the cannibalism mod for FB) however it may slow down older machines as the game is forced to show more sprites. 

Routed American Line Infantry

The presence of bodies of casualties is important and realistic in battles. In real life dead bodies do not disappear.  They represent how much men you have lost and wether you should retreat that area. 
Category: AC Mods | Added by: Ienzo | Tags: Divided Nation
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12 sss   [Entry]
My suggestion is that after a while the bodies of the soldiers begin to disappear, will you will know how to solve the problem, for example in the case of cannibalism mod american conquest fight back the bodies remain some time but if you delete the pacth 1 shall remain forever the same thing I did with the divided nation but did not work to do

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6 giraffe   [Entry]
Is it possible to make a similar mod for Cossacks 2?

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7 Ienzo   [Entry]
I think the 'meat' function is deprecated in Cossacks 2. So no.

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10 giraffe   [Entry]
I found a line inside some of the unit .md files called "Deathlie" - think it could be that?

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11 Ienzo   [Entry]
Try it out and then tell me what happens. I have no experience editing the C2 engine.

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5 krasnodebski   [Entry]
i have problem after 5-10 min. playing with this mode ..i have error xD ..meayby my comeputer is too weak ? ( sory for bad english)

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8 Ienzo   [Entry]
Probably. Sorry.

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4 krasnodebski   [Entry]
how to install ?? where i must put this

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9 Ienzo   [Entry]
The root folder of DN

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3 Nraz   [Entry]
Buen mod !

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2 poseidon   [Entry]
love it!

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1 Yair   [Entry]
I think is so cool!

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