Changing your nick name

I you want to change your nickname because you joined a new clan or you just want to change your name and keep your points, then follow the steps below.                   

Step 1: Go to the Gamespy website. Alternatively go to the IGN website:

Step 2: Log in

 Step 3: Acces My Account


Step 4: Select Update Profile  


Step 5: Change anything you want and save.


Step 6: Retrieve the new name trought the Gamespy internet game, but instead of join, press new. Enter your email, and password, and pick up the new name.

Note: if you want your clan logo to be properly displayed in the Player List, you should ensure that you have it spelled correctly. For example if you want to have the logo, you should type exactly [E-BEL](nickname). If you would type [E_BEL], or [Ebel] you will not get the logo. Also the logo should be saved in your (Drive): ProgramFiles/Cossacks/BackToWar/Clans folder.

GSC doesn't support the clan service anymore, so for the latest clan packs, visit our download section.