EMOM v2.7.7.1 GV1.  - Ebel's Map Option Mod version Game version

TLDR: contains

(1) fixes to existing random map masks,
(2) new random map masks bringing more variety, particularly for 8 player maps,
(3) more room to build on 2 player maps compared to some maps previously being split in 4,
(4) 3 new map shape options : lakes, coastal and river random maps.
(5) 2 new terrain type options : desert and arctic maps.

(6) New peace time options : 5 and 15 minutes.
(7) Diplomatic center options: with or without diplomatic center or expensive mercenaries.
(8) Market options: with or without market or with a market with lower prices.
(9) Warship options: with or without warships.
(10) Artillery options: default, no cannons, no howitzers, no multibarrels, no mortars, no cannons/howitzers, no artillery or expensive artillery.
(11) Defences options: default, no walls, no towers, no palisades, no walls/towers, no defences or expensive defences
(12) New additional start options: 17th century barracks, log Cabins or a small village .
(13) New resources start options: 10000, 50000, 100000 and 500000.
(14) New map size option : Gigantic x6

(15) Added a small amount of gold to following additional start option : cannons, towers and cannons & howitzers to cover for the initial maintenance cost.
(16) On 18th century barracks start option: one fewer Log Cabin (4 -> 3) for Ukraine, one fewer 17th barracks for Ukraine (5 -> 4), Algeria and Turkey (4 -> 3) (they are already overpowered enough as it is on 0 pt games, but more specifically to not cause issues on islands maps, where some of these buildings might spawn in water.)
(17) 2 extra towers for the 'towers' start option, Ukraine gets 2 Log Cabins (previously they would get nothing).
(18) Lowered the number of peasants Turkey/Algeria get on start option 'Army of Peasants', they previously would get many more than any other nation.
(19) A market is no longer a requirement to build a Harbour (to accommodate for the new no market option) and is replaced by blacksmith
(20) Art depot is no longer a requirement and is replaced by 'stable' as a requirement to research 18th century upgrade to accommodate for the new no artillery option.
(21) Peasants can now build up to 24 buildings in a queue when holding down shift (previously 12).
(22) Global unit limit has been increased to 24000 (previously 16000). - Obsolete since latest patch (=32000)
(23) Increased the amount of 'fixed' stone patches which spawn near a player's base and reduced the amount of 'random' stone patches which could generate on the map, this often led to situations where one player only had 3 stone patches and another 6 or 7. With this change, everyone should get at least 5, there is still a small chance of some extra stones appearing through the "decoration" patterns. one exception to this might be a small island map, on which there often isnt enough space to generate the stone patches. Strongly advised to play islands on 2x mapsize.

(24) Translation for the new options is done for all languages.



Some samples of the new random map masks:


Desert (new)

Arctic (new)

Rivers (new)

Land maps (no water)


Coastal maps (new)

Lakes (new)




1. Fixes to existing vanilla random map masks:

Startpoints: Some original maps had their start points too close to each other which led to situations under certain start settings on normal maps that were unplayable:
Eg; Start option : 18th century barracks ; nation: Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria; This would put blockhouses and 17th barracks which these nations receive on start in odd places such as in water or outside of the map.
Because of this, the minimum distance to water/corners/edges has to be at least 0,7 cm for each start point.(East-West) Relative to each other at least 1,5 cm; but preferably a lot more or 0 pt games with these start options will lead to blockhouses killing another players' peasants right at start of game. I strongly suggest minimum 2 cm between start points.

List of fixed masks:


2. What's new: 736 new random map masks

Version Changes

Version 1:
- Test version
Version 2.1:
- Added map fixes
- Added new lakes/rivers/coastal maps
- Added new start options
Version 2.2:
- Added localisation
Version 2.3:
- Update after DLC release
Version 2.4:
- Added new art/Defense options
Version 2.5:
- Localisation for new options
Version 2.6:
- blacksmith as req for harbour instead of market
- replaced art depot as req for 18th cen upgrade with stable.
- Fixed some localisation strings
Version 2.6.1:
- Map Size Test (720/Gigantic)
- Fixed some Russian/Ukranian/German localisations for mod.
Version 2.6.2:
- Secondary market desk with different prices as option.
Version 2.7.1:
- Workshop Test version
Version 2.7.2:
- Stamped version number in Main Menu for workshop test version.
- Peasants can now build up to 24 buildings in a queue (with shift), previously 12 .
- Global unit limit has been increased to 24000 (previously 16000). - Obsolete since latest patch (=32000)
Version 2.7.3:
- Updating to latest game patch , version
Version 2.7.4:
- Adding desert maps as a new option.
Version 2.7.5:
- Updating to latest game version,
Version 2.7.6:
- adding artic maps as new option.
- Updating to latest game version,
Version 2.7.7:
- Fine tuned rnd map gen, resources gen a bit.
- Updating to latest game version,
- Added desert plateaus, fine tuned gen some more so there is more open space.


Known Issues


- Ai does not perform well with the 'no market ' option, it is still the original AI which uses stone/market.
- Weird grass texture on east/south border on normal maps on desert and artic maps.
- Black spots around mines on artic maps, need to redo these mine patterns.


Special thanks to

Thanks to following people for checking the translations:

[KGR]-^K[o]K^- - Czech
[GDF]Warren - Polish
Francesco_Cavalli - Italian
Foeurdr - French
Carlos - Spanish
Mark Kandaurov - Ukrainian
Mark Kandaurov - Russian
[1453]Atabey - Turkish
Anderstein - German