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GSC File Utility
12/April/2009, 12:35 PM
Tool that allows you to to extract the all.gsc, mods and patches.
Allows you to create new mods and patches
For more information about this tool read our mod section.
Category: C1 Mod Tools | Added by: EbelAngel | Tags: GSC File Utility, Tools, modding
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13 Henry   [Entry]
When I open a .gs1 file, a message shown up"Invalid or corrupted file!" Why?:( Please help! I love cossacks!

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11 Sumargl   [Entry]
When I unpack any GSC file with Deutsche texts  i get like this:#BAVARIA Kцnigreich Bayern
#DENMARK Dдnemark
#AUSTRIA Donaumonarchie
#ALGIR Algerien
#ENGLAND Kцnigreich England
#FRANCE Kцnigreich Frankreich
#GERMAN Kцnigreich Preussen
#HOLLAND Niederlande
#PIEMONT Republik Piemont
#POLAND Herzogtum Warschau
#RUSSIA Russisches Zarenreich
#SAKSINIA Kцnigreich Sachsen
#SPAIN Kцnigreich Spanien
#SVEDEN Kцnigreich Schweden
#TURKISH Osmanisches Reich
#UKRAINE Kosakenhetmanat
#VENECIA Italien
#UNIQ Originale
#NEWBOATS Neue Schiffe
#SELORUS Цstliches Dorf
   Switching decryption algorithm 'Default'\'Scheme01' give no effect.
maybe there is some latest version of utility that decrypt texts with 'ä'ö'ü'ß' properly?

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12 EbelAngel   [Entry]
Take this issue to the forum please. It will be more visible to others.

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9 x_HuSkY_x   [Entry]
thanks lad

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8 Bleakie   [Entry]
wow ok
great now whats inside this trash can? xD

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10 bleakie5325   [Entry]
i meant ACFB :P wink

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7 Verok   [Entry]
Good tool

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6 MBG   [Entry]

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5 Marc   [Entry]

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4 Tommy   [Entry]
nice tool

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3 Buda Gyorgy   [Entry]

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2 girebi   [Entry]

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