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GP Arch
12/April/2009, 12:45 PM
Set of different tools that enable you to view, extract, generate gp files for cossacks.
For more information on how to use and install see our mod section.
Category: Mod Tools | Added by: EbelAngel | Tags: tool, GP arch, modding
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6 Turkm  
But why i cant install anything directly

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5 Turkm  
that is really great tool GPview

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2 Tarvanis  
The only thing I don't understand: How to create new gp files. The "MegaPack" crashes when I klick "convert all" the "DO_MOD" doesn't either. I tried to rewrite the text in the "DO_MOD" as the readme told - nothing changed ... cry

I would be very pleased if soemeone could help me. smile


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3 EbelAngel  
Make sure you read this:

If you still have problems, post in the forum with details on what you try to achieve.


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4 Tarvanis  
At first thank you for the quick answer.
I didn't only make it wrong with the MegaPack; I also saved the .bmp files in 32 bit ...
I changed it to 24 bit and did as the guide told ... and now it works. biggrin

Thank you very much (wouldn't have ever mined of the 32 bit; I just read about it in the Forum)
Tarvanis smile

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1 Verok  
doesn't work with interface menu gp files. If you want to view these files you need copy folder "2" from all.gsc. But megapack doesn't want to generate proper gp files

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