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ACFB Fortification Mod Beta Test Release by King George III Beta Test Release
13/July/2010, 12:23 PM

ACFB Fortification Mod Beta Test Release 

-a lot of new visual effects:craters,musket smoke effect,explosions,smokes,building hits,... 
-a lot of new sound effects:for pistols,muskets,cannons,arrows,explosions,close combat,sieing sounds,.. 
-more accuracy for all units(i did not liked those so many miss shots,in particular for native warriors and close range) 
-cavalry officers have more accuracy 
-more accuracy for native warriors 
-archers can fire 5-10(depends on nation) arrows after that they must to "reload with arrows" 
-native chiefs are stronger but you can build only 1,after he died you can build another one 
-native nations can't make formations 
-new artillery weapons:early cannon,mortar,howitzer 
-ships fire chainshot at close range which is stronger than normal cannonball 
-new units:sniper,militia officer,militia standard bearer,militia drummer,engineer(only for britain in this beta),... 
-new buildings:artillery factory,walls and siege camp buildings (only for britain in this beta and with problems) 
-realistic building durability 
-2 new maps(1 half ready) 

problems to resolve: 
-walls don't have L mode (i don't know why yet) 
-native projectiles damage are equal in all ranges 
-buildings protection 
-and to finish the mod 


..remember this is a beta test,I want realistic and knowledgeable advices and ideas. 

King George III 

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7 mike_myers   [Entry]
file not found sad

8 Ienzo   [Entry]
Huh. That sucks. Ill check if I have a copy.

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9 ThePeaceKeeper   [Entry]
I'm guessing no luck on finding your copy or a working link?

10 EbelAngel   [Entry]
Found it on a backup drive. Reuploaded to dropbox.

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6 fauken1994   [Entry]
Hey bro... Where are you now?? Can u please create a new link for this mod? I have my new computer n well forgot to bring a long the old mod... Im new here n i love Cossacks n american conquest game style so i hope you will do it .. smile

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5 Psymind   [Entry]
Hello gentlemen, one of you can upload it to the new mod "ACFB Fortification Mod Beta" All the other links are dead you. Thank you in advance

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4 Hilas   [Entry]
Hi frends. I can't download this mod because this mirror has been deleted. I need a new link with this modification.
I would be very grateful smile

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3 Iwantmod   [Entry]
Bowmen is Stronger than Fusiler oh my god;;
and Please Native American Can Formation.
but I want Crossbow(15~16th) and Sword and Buckler(15~16th)
I want Early mod too!
Is it possible?..

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2 [hwk]poppen   [Entry]
king has been inactive for a while. working on a thing for stalker i believe. ive been tryin to get up with him aswell. no luck

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1 Konstantine   [Entry]
Hey King George III i was wondering if you could increase the range of fire ( especially archers) happy

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