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ACFB Fortification Mod Beta Test Release by King George III Beta Test Release
13/July/2010, 12:23 PM

ACFB Fortification Mod Beta Test Release 

-a lot of new visual effects:craters,musket smoke effect,explosions,smokes,building hits,... 
-a lot of new sound effects:for pistols,muskets,cannons,arrows,explosions,close combat,sieing sounds,.. 
-more accuracy for all units(i did not liked those so many miss shots,in particular for native warriors and close range) 
-cavalry officers have more accuracy 
-more accuracy for native warriors 
-archers can fire 5-10(depends on nation) arrows after that they must to "reload with arrows" 
-native chiefs are stronger but you can build only 1,after he died you can build another one 
-native nations can't make formations 
-new artillery weapons:early cannon,mortar,howitzer 
-ships fire chainshot at close range which is stronger than normal cannonball 
-new units:sniper,militia officer,militia standard bearer,militia drummer,engineer(only for britain in this beta),... 
-new buildings:artillery factory,walls and siege camp buildings (only for britain in this beta and with problems) 
-realistic building durability 
-2 new maps(1 half ready) 

problems to resolve: 
-walls don't have L mode (i don't know why yet) 
-native projectiles damage are equal in all ranges 
-buildings protection 
-and to finish the mod 


..remember this is a beta test,I want realistic and knowledgeable advices and ideas. 

King George III 

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file not found sad

Huh. That sucks. Ill check if I have a copy.

I'm guessing no luck on finding your copy or a working link?

Found it on a backup drive. Reuploaded to dropbox.

Hey bro... Where are you now?? Can u please create a new link for this mod? I have my new computer n well forgot to bring a long the old mod... Im new here n i love Cossacks n american conquest game style so i hope you will do it .. smile

Hello gentlemen, one of you can upload it to the new mod "ACFB Fortification Mod Beta" All the other links are dead you. Thank you in advance

Hi frends. I can't download this mod because this mirror has been deleted. I need a new link with this modification.
I would be very grateful smile

Bowmen is Stronger than Fusiler oh my god;;
and Please Native American Can Formation.
but I want Crossbow(15~16th) and Sword and Buckler(15~16th)
I want Early mod too!
Is it possible?..

king has been inactive for a while. working on a thing for stalker i believe. ive been tryin to get up with him aswell. no luck

Hey King George III i was wondering if you could increase the range of fire ( especially archers) happy

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