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American Conquest Fight Back Dead Body (Cannibalism) mod 1
30/May/2010, 9:21 AM
A simple mod that shows the casualties of battle in Fight Back maps, missions, random maps and multiplayer maps.
This has the infamous and unfortunate side effect that allows hunters to retrieve meat from dead bodies, thus the Cannibalism Mod. 

This is for people who want to see dead bodies in their FB games. It may slow down older machines as the game is forced to show more sprites. 

The presence of bodies of casualties is important and realistic in battles. In real life dead bodies do not disappear.  They represent how much men you have lost and wether you should retreat that area. 

In actuality, the cannibalism mod may increase the effectiveness of gameplay in some indian nations such as Sioux as Sioux cannot produce food from farms and are forced to hunt. However, units like Meatbearers, Trappers, Buccaneers and some peasants move towards their kills to extract the meat making them annoying and uselessly suicidal in battles.
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awesome mod also works for vanilla american qonquest ...to bad all dead units have a red clothes colour, but anyway great mod

Is there a way to make this mod work for vanilla american conquest.

Does this work for the first American conquest???

Gentlemen, my suggestion is that after some time the bodies disappear there will be some solution to this

have you fixed it?

cry lol how do you download this when you got the game off steam

Just dump it in the folder with the DMCR.exe

wow nm lol i didnt see the above comment my bad tongue

Hey everyone im new to the forums but quick question. i was wondering where im supposed to put the file. i feel like such a noob considering i have a ton of modding experience with the total war series lol. but is it the main directory or another folder within the directory? smile

Um... how do i install the mod?

Extract it to main folder of game and run AC. Good luck!

Thanks! I'm assuming that that's the default directory for all other mods too?

Yes, you right. But remember to make backup of game. One game - one mod. wink

Whenever I download it all it has it a patch02.gs 1 can you help me and tell me what I need to do.

Put that file on the root folder of your game.

not possable with the transform to meat

Transformtomeat 0
But,did there have any other way to do the same job? I mean no "side effect",and body had same red team color...haha

Nope. All the great modders tried.
If there was another way, we would do it.

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