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Empires Mod by Elvin
04/December/2012, 3:31 AM
A mod allowing the use of units from older or other RTS games in the AC engine.
It's fun to play around with. Very fun. However it is incomplete and a lot of things do not work properly.

"The Empires mod consists of units and buildings from AOE, AOE:ROR, AOK, AOK:expansion, Legion, Chariots of War. It is through this mod that I have learn how to understand what the code in the MDs mean and what they control. This project is about 70% done. If anyone wants, feel free to build upon it and see it to the end."

Category: AC Mods | Added by: Ienzo
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4 exi   [Entry]
not working for me. getting a milion errors but not starting. something about unknown constants

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3 exi   [Entry]
so can we have a finished version or did you give up on it?

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1 Ali123   [Entry]
Hi Elvin !
Looks nice on the screenshot, but all I got is a mistake named "Creating map:Unknown unit:SpriKri(SP)" and if pressing ignore some more for the same reason but other xxxKri...
What happened ? Took a new ACFB...

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2 Ienzo   [Entry]
Sorry, I only uploaded on his behalf, however, I think random maps will not work, if that is what you are asking.

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