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Musket and Sword mod
06/November/2016, 11:21 PM
Hello, so recently a friend of mine from Cossacks's official forums gave me this link to an old lost beta of the Musket and Sword mod for American Conquest: Fight Back. Mostly containing converted units and buildings (along with their respective .gp and .md files for modders like myself) from Cossacks.

I haven't ran it yet but so far the only mods and game that have been giving me trouble with launching on Windows 10 have been HEW and Divided Nation due to some compatibility problem of their .exe files.

My own little mod that's still in development hasn't given me any trouble so far so expect a separate entry soon.

Cheers, oh yes, and please notify me if the download is down so I can re-upload it.
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3 16minneapoliskuma  
Download is down, mate! Could you re-upload, por favor?

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1 rainer666  
Hello friend !
Thanks for uploading for this a long time missed mod. But while downloading my virscanner (Avast free) made trouble and stopped the download. It should be a worm called "Kapucen-B". Do you know something about ? Maybe an installer-prob ? Avast mostly attacks harmless programs with an installer too.

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2 ThePeaceKeeper  
I am not aware of any viruses or anything wrong with the mod, I provide it as is, I haven't modified it in any way either.

No idea what the problem is but Norton has recently also attack Cossacks 3 because of how the game engine works, so a lot of people on the Steam forums went berserk because of those virus alerts.

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