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Pre-Alpha CAM mod 0.2
19/June/2010, 5:27 AM
The CAM mod or Canada, America, Mexico mod. 
This is unfinished due to problems. Maybe you can look at it and fix it or you can just play with it. 

So basically, this mod adds:
- A new nation: USA. See unit list below
- Pirate Formations
   -Flag and Captain create different formations 
- Stronger Apache 
   -Shaman and Chief have COMMANDCENTER
   -Archers now have stats similar to shooters
   -Riders are super strong
- Graphical changes in the cannon sprites of United States and Great Britain
-Pirates have different names now
-Santanna has been renamed to General

Happy modding! :D

It is pre-alpha because it is unfinished. Maybe you can help finish it! :D

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3 steve   [Entry]
were do you put it

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4 Cichor   [Entry]
To main folder of game.

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2 steve   [Entry]
How do you get it to work

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1 Ienzo   [Entry]
If you want to help, go here! biggrin Forum: Pre-Alpha version of my CAM mod

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