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The Last Samurai Mod
04/December/2012, 3:22 AM
Play as Japan in American Conquest. Created by ecwp1981.

This includes custom sound files to be added in the sounds folder.

"The Last Samurai Mod is inspired by the Movie of the same name. Having extracted the sprites from Shogun Total War 1, I have managed to incorporate them into AC and you are able to re-enact the feel and scenes from the movie smile

"For future reference, maybe someone would like to update this by porting Shogun total War 2 units over?"

Category: AC Mods | Added by: Ienzo
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4 garyh2462   [Entry]
Just started using this game. Again.
Class MOD.
Thank you.

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3 Abattoir   [Entry]
How do you install this mod.

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2 LinkinBizkit   [Entry]

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1 Ali123   [Entry]
Oh dear !
Very very many thankyous to you ! I was looking for this mod since years, but no chance. I lost my file because the backup-harddisk crashed. On the search for it I found different postings from other guys looking for it too. There will be much pleasure in the community.
Allright, get rid off the dust from ACFB and start again...


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