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Capture the Flag 1
25/June/2010, 2:57 PM

Capture the Flag
Red (supposedly The Republic) Versus Blue (supposedly Royalists)
Marshal of France Versus Marshal of France

- Capture the enemy flag! Hold two flags.
- Kill the enemy Marshal!
- Complete the two above objectives and you win!
- Wiping out the enemy may not be necessary.
- This map is supposedly one on one. Mano y mano. It is a normal map. No point in having more than one player.
- Heavy strategizing may be necessary. I noticed even though Red has more units, Blue can still win. Sometimes Red wins, Sometimes Blue wins.
- Red units routes easier than the Blue units.
- Stand ground helps a lot.
- Don't go into town.
- Save a record for me!

Bonus content! Replays for this map! :http://www.mediafire.com/file/myz3fvunym3/Capture The Flag Replays.zip

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1 Ienzo   [Entry]
This is my personal favorite of all the maps I made cool

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