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25/June/2010, 3:20 PM



Britain Versus France
One hero per side

- Capture all the flags and hold them for five (5) minutes before the enemy does.
- The side with no flags after the last flag has been taken f>or five mins are supposed to surrender.
- The death of a hero is not required for victory or defeat.
- Sandtraps/Bunkers are special places in the map. No bullet will go in or out. A good place to put howitzers, priests and a rally point if you put a general there.
- One somewhat cheating maneuver is staying in a sandtrap, getting out, shooting the enemy, go back in before they fire back and they fire back and do no damage.
- There are some forests where bullets don't work.
- Flags are on greener greens.
- Best played with 3x3 setting as the battles may need some micromanagement and a lot of maneuvering as the entire army will be spread out and fighting multiple battles at once. However this is not necessary. You can still fight 1x1 if you want.
- Save a record for me!

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1 EbelAngel   [Entry]
Hehe, very creative

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