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The Blue Republic
10/December/2011, 11:55 AM
The true test of strategy is on! Two players equally balanced must annihilate one another. One cannot live while the other survives!  
The theme of this map was a very autumnish-dry feel. There are quarries that can be used to your tactical advantage (id est limiting enemy paths, protecting flanks from melee). There will be a fortress and several towers that can be used to gain an advantage. The river will seem to have only three passes on the minimap, but they actually have more. Do not clump up your armies at passes as a result and be sure to cover all crossings.
Both are French with special units available. 

Special units: 
-1 Heavy Cavalry Guard - True deathbringers in the field. When used properly, whole contingents can be routed, or sacrificed to counter an entire cavalry horde. 
-1 Sapper guard - Your choice whether to disband this unit to have 100 sappers or to use it as a formidable fighting force. Mind you, they ARE a very formidable fighting force, second only to the Old Guard. 
-3 Voltugier (huge skirmisher contingents) - Three formations of 100 skirmishers are very deadly and much powered up compared to the 30-man formations. They can counter entire armies on their own if used right. They are initially stationed terribly on purpose.  

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