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Allies - C1:BtW
02/November/2010, 7:03 PM
Allies, map to Back to War.

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Author: Gwyn ap Nudd


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Gwyn ap Nudd    
Posted on 06/20/01 @ 12:00 AM   View Profile
This first map is a quick Random Map game variant. In fact, the map itself is just a slightly modified Random Map.

As with a Random Map game, each player starts out with 18 peasants. The difference is that instead of all eighteen being from the same country, there are six each from three different countries. Player 1's peasants are from Austria, the Ukraine, and Turkey. Player 2's peasants are from Saxony, Poland, and Algeria.

It gives a different feel to the game in several ways:

You have access to a wider variety of soldiers, without resorting as soon to mercenaries.

There are several similarities to 3v3 games except that you know that you can trust your allies to be where you need them to be when you need them there.

Because you are devloping three cultures on a single economy, you will almost certainly only be able to advance one of your countries to the 18th Century. (Indeed, Algeria, Turkey, and the Ukraine cannot advance anyway) and you have to decide how far to develop the other two before concentrating on that.
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