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Mod1 for Cossacks Back To War Steam 1.35+M135
20/June/2013, 11:58 AM
Mod1 For Cossacks Back to War
Mod1 is the very first modification for Cossacks written for Cossacks Art of War by one of the biggest fans of Cossacks, Shaun Fletcher (Baddog) and Stefan Hertrich. In it laid the foundations of modifying Cossacks and later games based on its engine (American Conquest and others).
Mod1 greatly increased diversity on the Cossacks battlefield by changing several units to more colorful uniforms and statistics and adding cannons.
One of the retail versions of Cossacks Back to War contained a version of Mod1, except modified to work for Back To War. This was codenamed "Mod2", however since it is virtually identical to Mod1 (the only changes being the accommodation of new BTW nations). 
Cossacks Back To War from Steam does not contain Mod1, probably because of licensing issues. 
I have included the two most important files in this package. The original mod installer would not work anyway because it is not configured to the Steam Cossacks.  Notable improvements are adding shooters to Algeria and changing the uniforms and strength of England, Sweden, France and other countries. 
To find out if it works, you will see a 1.35+M135[BADDOG] on the lower right corner of your main menu. 
For more information:
Drag these files to the Cossacks folder in the Steam program files. 
The default path is:  
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Cossacks Back to War\bin\
To advance users who put their Steam files somewhere else, I trust you can guess where the path is from the above.
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3 Raskaipika  
Thank you so much for adapt the MOD to the STEAM version, but I have a question:

This MOD changes the texts???, I ask this to you because I've adapted the spanish translation of the Cossacks I saga to the Steam version and this MOD will be a great add to my steam guide, of course, all the credits for the MOD will be give to the developers of the same, you included.

Thanks for your effort and time.

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2 congwen89  
the link is lost~

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1 dominikthattendorfer  
really good work biggrin

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