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Battle of the Solent - C1:BtW
02/November/2010, 9:30 PM
From author:

The conflict takes place in the Solent, Southern England.
The Royal Navy has been poorly funded for a number of years and the South Coast of England is under threat from the French.
The basic map of the Solent was scanned in from a modern road map and then edited for use in Cossacks Art of War. As a result, although it is not to scale, the basic coastal outlines are correct. The fortifications are based on the actual fortifications of the period, the key towns are also represented.

The scenario is fictional, although both the Spanish and French have attempted raids and invasions throughout British history.

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Author: Baron Blimey


Readme instructions

Place the France Attacks!.m3d file in your Cossacks folder
Place the France Attacks folder and France Attacks!.add into the User Missions folder

'Battle of the Solent' should then appear in the Single Player - Single Mission list.

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