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Battle of Venice -Imperia
09/May/2010, 3:26 PM

Battle of Venice by hoNNer. Version compatible only with 17thc HH Mod. It is fictional map!

From The Battle for Venice v1.5.2 (Readme).txt :
"   Venice in the 17th Century


After I played the game Venetica, I decided to do this fictional map where the city of Venice is the main object of this struggle. The map has been made for the war to take place at the city gates. You are situated in the north of Piemonte at the border with Austria and you are playing for a small group of ukrainian people. In the south part of the map you will face another enemy: the Italy Royal Army; they put enormous taxes and demand great tribute from the citizens of Venice, therefore a conflict has started and Venice is prepared to take actions. If you are able to capture somehow the city, it will be wise to place there another camp, because the Venice is a strong strategic point for naval combat and a great aggregation of resources.

 I wish you GoodLuck and Have Fun!!


Simply extract the archive in the folder game.
(This map is for Imperia Mod 1.37/or if you want, this will work on Cossacks only with MOD1) / CI - Back To War
*Free to everyone


Because of a bug in Scenario Editor I couldn't make the messages and objectives to appear in the game, so I will write them here:

A) Venice in the 17th Century

Destroy or capture Venice! and eliminate the Italy Army in the south.
(If you capture the city, the venetians will fight for you, but if the Italy capture the city they will fight for the Italy Army)

B) Bandits

(Optional) Destroy the Bandits in the north-east. Their lot is rich enough to satisfy your needs! (but beware, they are very powerful)

Messages: the first one is:
  Greetings My General, we must hurry to build up our base because the bandits in the north-east might attack us soon. They destroy, kill, plunder and rape everything in the way! (they will play an important roll in this battle)
And the second one:
  The Bandits have join us and their lot has been added to ours. (after you will defeat them, their resources will be added to yours and maybe some of the men alive will join you)

*(Point)The Map:
I know it isnt't accurate,at first, the map was accurate, but the AI didn't comply to my needs. The Venice location should be in the east, and the coast of Italy first, but I make the map for the AI players to battle themselves at the city gates of Venice. Enjoy!

made by hoNNer"

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Great work

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