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"Austrian villages"
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The map is made, as continuation of map TTM04001_MP © 2008 Tricky Tiger, the new name: the Austrian villages
The note: the given map is intended for game 1 on 1.

It is altered:   the impassability zones are cleaned, some structures (are added or cleaned), that contenders had equal odds.

The player of red colour (France) against the player of dark blue colour (Prussia).
Has passed some years after the conflict between France and Austria for this industrially important area. On the articles of the peace, the given territory has got the neutral status.
But rich iron deposits have been found in the given region. Now all settlements were reoriented on its extraction.
Prussia has amplified and is ready to occupy these villages, you do not presume to yourselves such "luxury"...
Forces are absolutely equal, let will win the strongest.

Attention: players if will manage to grasp settlements, will have an opportunity to form new groups, and, as horse, and the pedestrian (all depends on the strategy chosen by you). Fight is calculated for game 1 on 1.

p.s. The map is added in the list battles.
© 2009 It is altered Agrid (agrid@front.ru) © 2008 Tricky Tiger TTM04001
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