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Des bois en or
[ · Screenshot ] 02/June/2010, 7:01 PM
Author: Gintonic

(Screenshot from Agrid)


Victory conditions:Destroy or capture the enemy town halls or capture all villages on the map.

Defeat conditions:You will be defeated if you lose your town halls or the enemy captures all the villages on the map.

The maps original on: http://www.autunnois.com/BattleforEurope.htm

Category: C2 Map 2 Player | Added by: Agrid
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5 Groundation   [Entry]

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3 Agrid   [Entry]
If you are shy to ask , I will do

Thanks, I simply am not familiar with L'Européén and Gintonic. It should be corrected, but a bit later.

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4 EbelAngel   [Entry]
Ok, don't worry about it, I will ask him

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1 Agrid   [Entry]
Angel I has found 2 maps at autun. I have added a screenshot (on a screenshot an emblem autun has kept). I do not know French. Please ask it the permission. If it against remove a maps. If it not against I will place them on Russian site.

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2 EbelAngel   [Entry]
Ah nice,

I don't think there is a problem having their maps here, but if you like, you can ask L'Européén, ( http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/index/8-214 ). Send him a private message . He is the big chief there at the AUTUN site and he will understand English. He visits the site here aswell.

If you are shy to ask , I will do happy


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