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After attack at you all villages … are destroyed Has escaped only settlement of masons.
Restore the forces by means of the remained forces and strike back. The enemy, feeling impunity, has withdrawn the army to plunder other areas. But though its settlements and a tidbit, but they are carefully protected. The sector border is protected by system of towers, except that, each settlement is covered with some groups of civil guardsmen and system of forts.
You easily would cope with this problem, but artful the neighbor, got to similar alteration - thirsts a revenge, plans to fill up the forces and to finish with you for ever. Solve this Egyptian hieroglyph so that the glory about your victories and talents has become history.

Starting potential: 10 peasants, a wheaten field, factory, a palace, metal works and settlement of masons. Neutral settlements have starting quantity of workers above standard and consequently for your development, their capture is priority.
© 2009 Agrid (agrid@front.ru)

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map looks nice, but my virus scan has removed it after scanning, ALLOT of other maps passed the scan so i don't really trust it... are there any trusted users in this community who have tested and still use this map?

Friendly greetings,


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