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[ · Screenshot ] 21/October/2009, 9:38 PM
You with the opponent of base are located in different parts of a map. Two systems of roads, are divided by almost impassable sites. Move it is forward or think up the way to a victory. Successes!
Adapted and has overworked © 2009 Agrid (agrid@front.ru). The author of a source code  © 2006 GSC (Campaigns, Rein, Mission01)
Category: C2 Map 2 Player | Added by: Agrid
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7 Groundation   [Entry]
love it! thx!

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6 phnijman   [Entry]
forgot to log in, i've got it


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5 Philip   [Entry]
Where Can I download this map? http://www.autunnois.com/BattleforEurope.htm has no downloadoption.



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4 Agrid   [Entry]
By the way, all with whom played, this idea with roads was pleasant!

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3 Agrid   [Entry]
And it is good! Quickly not to turn out to win. I last time played with a companion 2 hours! I have made it specially)))) smile

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1 Agrid   [Entry]
Has changed system of roads, differently a blitz...
Has added 2 iron settlements to counterbalance forces of contenders.

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2 Daddio   [Entry]
This is a very nice map, but it is almost impossible to play, since there are no connecting roads.

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