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Sea escort
[ · Screenshot ] 25/September/2009, 10:52 PM
Convenient parking for the ships, beautiful quays, cosy villages is your paradise island. But to have to struggle for the right, on it to remain. The island is divided on two equal parts. In the help the squadron from six fighting frigates is sent you. This terrible weapon, but in skilful hands. Combine sea and overland operations and introduce on island an order.
Attention! Watch the gold maintenance, differently mutiny is inevitable.
The note: the Map is calculated for game 1 on 1. At game with the computer, AI does not use the sea escort.
© 2009 Agrid (agrid@front.ru)
Category: C2 Map 2 Player | Added by: Agrid
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2 Preywinder   [Entry]
sweet... this is a map for those who want 100% precise even chances for each player, right? I just feel sorry for the guy who fails to build the first Heavy Cannon wacko

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1 EbelAngel   [Entry]
This is totally cool. Nice work Agrid

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