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The island name has occurred from its form — at a sight with Espanoly it reminded a huge sea turtle. In a XVII-th century island Tortju (then Tortuga) was the large centre of a piracy in Caribbean sea. The island is divided on two equal parts. In the help the squadron from six fighting frigates is sent you. This terrible weapon, but in skilful hands. A marine fleet and army in your hands. This island will be yours!

Attention! Watch the gold maintenance, differently mutiny is inevitable.

The note: the Map is calculated for game 1 on 1. At game with the computer, AI does not use the marine fleet.
© 2009 Agrid (agrid@front.ru)
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4 Agrid   [Entry]
for wakillon:

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3 wakillon   [Entry]
Hi Agrid

Tortuga.exe doesn't work correctly.
A window appear and disappear when i execute it.
I'm under Win 8.1 and have tried any compatibility modes without success.
I also try with Win XP but same result...

Any idea ?

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2 Preywinder   [Entry]
to be fair, it does look like a nice map if you've only got 10 minutes left and need something to wake you up a bit biggrin

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1 Agrid   [Entry]
It the map is a joke about a film "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" (Johnny Depp) smile

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