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Valley four Mills 1.0
[ · Screenshot ] 17/September/2009, 5:18 PM

Category: 3 + Players Maps | Added by: Daddio
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the map looks great, unfortunately for me its old version editor

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6 betito123  
I have a problem with this ,when im going to to install this it tells me if cossacks 2 is running exit the game and retry

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5 kangur  
Great map !!

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4 Groundation  
idd, looks nice! thx!

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2 Mido  
i want to setup patch 1.1 but in need patch 1.0 but i cannot find any 1 help me

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3 EbelAngel  

for starters, if you post a question like this below a map, nobody is ever gonna answer to you.
You should post questions like this in the forum.

If you are looking for patch 1.1 then you need to look in the appropriate section, which is under the download page, section CII patches http://cossacksworld.ucoz.co.uk/load/c_ii_patches/45
There you will find patch 1.1

But I'm not sure that is what you want because you say something like " but in need patch 1.0".

There is no patch 1.0. 1.0 is the game, the original vanilla game that came out. 1.1 is a patch to the game version 1.0

If for some reason the patch doesn't install, then it means you have the patch for a different language or you have a cracked version of the game.

And to be entirely complete: you don't need patch 1.1, you need patch 1.2. ALl the fixes from patch 1.1 are in patch 1.2,as it is a cumulative patch.

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1 Preywinder  
nice map biggrin I imagine teamplay on a map like this would be rather interesting... if your team captures the center and holds it, you should have enough food to build an army large enough to climb the mountain without being slaughtered by cannon fire biggrin

no sarcasm, im serious, thumbs up from me

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