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If Eternity Should Fail
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2 player map by aiidii. BfE only.

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I've been watching some gameplay videos on youtube. C3 definitely isn't my cup of tea. Never played the original and will never play this "new" one.

Map updated.

Island villages have 6 squads of militiamen. All other villages have 1 squad of militiamen.

Hi aiidii !

Got the update. A really good idea to make some of the villages stronger. It is harder to play and makes more fun. Wonderful !!!


Hi Aiidii !

Strange site-design now The older one I liked better.

But how about Cossacks 3 ? Yesterday I bought it on steam. I wish I would not. This is not Cossacks 3, this is Cossacks 1 HD - nothing else. Lost Money ! I feel betrayed ! C2 and C2 BfE are much more future-like then this simple design-update. Shit !


Good idea fo a map there. I just might do something like that.

I've heard of "Alexander" but have never played it. American conquest I've tried once and decided it's not my cup of tea. Lately most of my gaming time has been devoted into playing Banished.


Too bad you`re the last map-designer for Cossacks, really too bad. I really hope you remain us. If they produce a Nr. 3 I for sure will buy it. I think they made well with AeO producing a HD-Version with a few extras on Steam. Good idea ! Hope for Cossacks too.... ?

My hardware is strong enough for the most modern games, but there is nothing I like. So I stay playing Cossacks, AeO (Steam), and a few other. After Win10 I made me a second PC with Win7 32Bit. On 32Bit run all of the older ones not more running on 64Bit.

Have a nice day


Hi Ali!

Perhaps more militiamen just in the island villages (6 squads each)?

I will update the download file within a few days.

Seems to be a good idea. You understood the problem with the engine.

Maybe an idea for the future ? A map with less resources, for example iron. And somewhere far away, not on the way or in the center, a village with a strong defence. So you will have to fight at more then one points. Try to get these resources and defend the enemys attacks in direction to your hometown.

By the way: Do you know the game "Alexander" ? It is based on the same engine, but the soldiers a macedonians, egypts and so on. Mostly the same rules, building groups of soldiers updates. I would be happy if there were more games like cossacks in earlier centuries (Karl V., Romans, 30 years war, and so on). American conquest I love too....

Have a nice time


Hi Ali!

Yes, the new nations (Spain, Rhine and Poland) are bugged. There is no way to help that I'm afraid.
The map is BfE only because I used 2 mills from Spain.
I'm glad you are having fun playing the map.

P.S.: I'm sure you've noticed that some villages have 4 squads of militiamen guarding them. Is it ok like that or could it be less or more of them?

Hi aiidii !

Sorry, I was thick.  Yes, I thought so, it`s bugged, and not only this map. Shit happens ! But if you play as Poland & Co. it works. But never against them.

For me it`s allright that some villages have more militiamen. So it`s not too easy. But do not forget that it`s a much bigger problem for the engine. If you give the first villages near the engines startpoint more militiamen I will have occupied the biggest part of the map before the engine can come near. Maybe only some towns in the middle ?

Have you heard something about Cossacks 3 ?? I would buy it at the moment.


Hello aiidii !
I am glad that you as the only one still produce maps for my good ol Cossacks. So please do not be worried because I have some critics for the new map.

Ok, "only for BfE" because at the normal Cossacks some towns do not work. But it is still playable if you play it with less towns.

BfE works fine - if you do not try to play with one of the new volks. I tried:

1: Me as French and the opposite as Poland. On the poland site it produces soldiers with open end. I look up to 600 and more. No officers, no Groups, no start to march somewhere. Just farmers normal working and producing soldiers - nothing else.

2: Me as Poland and the opposite as Rhein. The opposite was French (??) and seems to work.

3. Me as French and the opposite as Rhein. The opposite was French too....

It seems, BfE is only playable in "normal" with the old volks, like the normal Cossacks. You only can use one of the new volks if you take it by yourself and the opposite is one of the old volks. But this happens mostly in BfE. seems to be the standard-bug, never repaired. Otherwise it`s a wonderful looking map like the most of yours, and you can have a lot of fun to play it.

If anyone is having problems with lag while playing this map, set your log.txt file in the game's Data folder as "Read only".

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