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Strange World
[ · Screenshot ] 15/March/2014, 2:30 AM
Category: C2 Map BFE | Added by: aiidii
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5 zeeyad   [Entry]
thanks alooot for this map

this map is fantastic
we wait for your more ......

thanks agin

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4 MR_BUCI   [Entry]
As I understand this is old version map editor, when I lunch it it says to quit CII and doesn't install

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3 aiidii   [Entry]
It happens with Rhine aswell. Not sure about Poland though. On my end it happens with all maps, even those that came with the game.


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2 Ali123   [Entry]
Hello aiidii !

Congratulation ! This is one of the most beautiful maps I ever saw. Works fine on BfE and C2 and has a lot of Options to attack, defend, whatever. I think you should have made a 3-player-map out of it. Maybe one more hometown somewhere on the right side. But ist also fine this way.

One Thing, but I am not sure if ist maybe a bug of BfE or something with the map. I tested it in different ways, and one game in BfE something strange happens. I played France vs. Spain, build the houses I Need and start to get the mill in the middle. The first enemy troops I met (and the only) are formations of spain pioneers. Not like normal attacking 120-men-formations or cavalry, no. Just a couple of 15-men-formations and pioneers only. They attack really senseless my 120-formations of musketeers. So I send a fast riding flagbearer as a Scout and found out, that the enemy built some 120men-formations with fusileers but hanging around moveless around his barracks (4x120 men).

I remember this, think ist some Kind of BfE bug or so. Playing with Basic nations like Austria, Russian and so all things work normal (should mean 120-formations attack soon like a rush). Do you know something about this ?

Cheers and mille grazie for another very fine map


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1 aiidii   [Entry]
If anyone is having problems with lag while playing this map, set your log.txt file in the game's Data folder as "Read only".

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