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Afraid To Shoot Strangers
[ · Screenshot ] 30/July/2015, 1:00 PM

3 player map by aiidii.

Category: Napoleonic Wars & Battle For Europe | Added by: aiidii
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4 aiidii  
I have run the map through the editor and can't seem to find anything wrong with the settings. It plays without problem on my end in skirmish mode also. It should be fully compatible with both NW and BFE.

Did you use the installer or did you install it manually? If it was done manually make sure the name of the map in SkirBatlnames.txt is written like this: AfraidToShootStrangers

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5 Ali123  
I have found the mistake but only for BfE. I used the installer but it forgot the AfraidToShootStrangers in the SingleMiss.txt-File (BfE). On NW (Installer too) I controlled all entries (Interf3\maps\skirmish and Missions\missions.txt and *\SingleMiss.txt and Missions\Skirmish) three times, 100% correct. Other maps play normal. Crazy ! Cannot find the reason but I will live with it. On BfE it is one of your best maps. Looks nice and has different ways to Play. So I will have fun for some time. Thank you !!!



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2 el_halcon_negro_15  
how y download this ap

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1 aiidii  
If anyone is having problems with lag while playing this map, set your log.txt file in the game's Data folder as "Read only".

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3 Ali123  
Hello aiidii !

Just discovered your map. Looks nice. First played on C2 but only black window with textmessage "Defeat ! You lost all of your cities !". All entry on Interf3 and Missions exists.
Any piece of advice ?


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