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Blood Brothers 2
[ · Screenshot ] 24/March/2013, 6:02 PM
Your base and the two enemy bases are situated on the opposite sides of a river. The map has lots of villages, that's why you'll have to capture as many of them as possible to be able to withstand the enemy effectively. Good luck!
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3 Bargay  

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2 aiidii  
1. log.txt file can be found in your game's Data folder. Just right click on the file, select properties and then set it to read only and press confirm. That's it. It significantly reduces gameplay lag. I have a weaker laptop and this helps a lot.

2. Will have a closer look at this one during the weekend.

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1 Ali123  
Hi aiidii ! Finally new material for old cossacks. Thank you ! It´s worth a 4 from 5, I think. A little more towns and maybe a mountain-corner would be nice. But two questions:
1. What about this log.txt ? After first time playing I have had a txt-file from 208 MB. To much for the simple editor, but Word 2010 did it and told about 27 thousand sides. Always time, warning, and getglobalcreatebriglist >= max. But nothing happened. I have a i5 with 8GB RAM, maybe enough for all ?
2. I played against 2 other. After a while I send some flagbearers to attack farmers and resource-transporters near a warehouse somewhere outside. After killing the last transportation unit around this place the all enemy crashed. Same as destroying the last towncenter. But it was just a single warehouse with 2-3 farmers, nothing more. What effect this could be ? The game runs furthermore with the second enmy, just as nothing happened.

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