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Brave New World
[ · Screenshot ] 22/June/2014, 11:35 AM

2 player map by aiidii.

Category: Napoleonic Wars & Battle For Europe | Added by: aiidii
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3 aiidii  
Thanks for the feedback.

I do agree with you, don't be mistaken. But I also like nice looking maps with little towns and buildings. biggrin I have a few drafts for some more eye-candy maps, though that can wait for a while.

As of now, I am already working on a new map that might prove to be a challenge. It will be a 3 player map with no room for a flanking maneuver.


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2 Ali123  
Hi aiidii !

Once more a nice-looking painting. But game pass is medium. It is equal what you are doing because you have to win the fight for the mills in the center. The little towns and buildings all over the map look nice but have no tactical worth.

If you are interested on given feedback, please create not only nice-looking scenarios but also powerful tactical scenarios. Maybe a little advantage for the anyway weaker AI. You did it before, you can do it very good...


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1 aiidii  
If anyone is having problems with lag while playing this map, set your log.txt file in the game's Data folder as "Read only".

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