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Fortunes Of War
[ · Screenshot ] 19/July/2013, 4:29 PM
Remodification of sector26 map.
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7 aiidii  
I've re-edited the map through NW and it works now. The problem was that the map was first remodified in BfE and some mills and mines were from nations not included in NW. So those were missing when the map was played in NW.


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8 Ali123  
Wonderful, you got it ! Normally I am thankful for the maps here and do not grumble about it. So please do not be angry because my critics.
This map has a tactical decison-problem, I think. Normally I have got to stop the enemies rush at the bridge in the middle. But for the future it is better to occupy the second mill near the startpoint, and, if possible, the coal mine left over the bridge. Gives me enough resources for a easy game, but the enemies rush becomes very strong and near. Two chances, two ways... it is both ways nice to play.
Thank you and cu

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9 aiidii  
But then it is not a critique is it? As you've said, it offers two different tactics. Either to expand your influence over neighbouring villages or to protect those you already have, build an army and then march to conquer more villages.

I think I'm going to do some more editing and try to turn it into a 3 player map. I think some more water barriers should be implemented and a bridge or two.

My preferred tactic has always been to protect the starting villages, creating a defensive position to repel enemy attacks, build a strong army and then attack other villages nearby.


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10 Ali123  
Hi aiidii ! Better call me Rainer. This is my first Name and "Hartmann" the fathers Name. I am german.
A 3-player-map sounds really, really good.  But I think, it would be not possible - not with halfway fair chances. The problem will always be the allocation  of the mines/mills. Already the two mills at bottom left will give this side a much better Position then all others. And the side top left would Need the coal-mine at the left... and so on. I see no way for a halfway fair allocation.
How do you think about ?

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3 Ali123  
Hi Aiidii, it`s me again. This happens only in Napoleonic Wars and NOT in BfE. I proofed very careful the numbers in mission.txt, exactly the same. I am not good enough in map-making to check more than this.

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4 aiidii  
I'm not sure myself atm. It happens on my end too in NW but not in BfE.

Maybe some compatibility issue that i'm not aware of???

I've re-checked the map in BfE editor and it all checks out. Haven't done anything different than with any other map.

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5 Ali123  
Such is life, Aiidii, but thanks a lot for checking. I mostly play BfE anyway. The map itself is well done. At start the engine attackes really strong so I lost 2 towns and had to fight really hard. Well done, thank you !
But I am always happy to find a new map. Seems like we are verge of extinction.
Did you played AC and ACFB ? I think all of its friends are vanished like dust in the wind. No maps found (everywhere) since long time.
Have a nice summer

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6 aiidii  

1. I will try and rebuild the map through the NW editor in the next couple of days if time permits. I will then run it through both NW and BfE to see what happens.

2. I only play Cossacks 2. I've tried with AC but it wasn't my cup of tea. Although it is a fascinating time period on its own it doesn't attract me enough to play it.


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2 Ali123  
Dear Aiidii,
as much I am happy about a "new" skirmish-map, but "Fortunes of war" still has different problems. The main thing missing is mills and mines are not displayed. Both of us, me and the enemy, start with one mill and one iron-mine and nothing else. The towns are displayed and too the places for mills/mines, but no acting people. They do not fight if I attack them and nothing happens if I shot them down. So I cannot conquer towns and too cannot use the iron/coal and so on.  Instead of mines I can see just an icon for (just like in the game "American Conquest" before you build a mine). Because of this you have no gold instead of the start-value and the trades with the market.
I am absolutely sure that this not happened because my personally system-options. All other maps are playable without any little problems. Please revise that map one more time, I really would like to play it but in "normal condition". Thank you and good luck

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1 aiidii  
If anyone is having problems with lag while playing this map, set your log.txt file in the game's Data folder as "Read only".

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