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2 player map by aiidii
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10 Daddio  
I was able to save most all of Tricky Tigers maps and others from his Fan site before it folded. They are also on this site. They were one of the first additions. Look at some of the early numbers.

I have made several maps, but none lately. My gaming buddy lost his "XP" machine, and not have much chance to test maps.


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6 aiidii  
It is fixed now. It works in NW and Bfe on my end. Someone please confirm.


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7 Ali123  
It works fine in both of it, NW and BfE - thanks a lot !!

You said "except Daddio". Did he make maps for NW/BfE in the last time ? Which, where ? Or do you mean other Projects ? The most other websites are dead ore near to, except one or two russian and polish sites. But I do not understand the language(s).

I use to check around for American Conquest too, and for different mods and other Projects as EW and so. But ist not so lucky for me because I only like SP and the fascinating projects like European Warfare are stagnating for SP since years - unfortunately.

By myself I tried making maps for C1 and American Conquest, very lousy.. To my shame I have to confess the lack of phantasy. I see a map made by other persons and I like it, or not. But if I start to I am mostly empty. Do you know a mapmaker named Tricky Tiger ? Never saw so many towns (to attack) on a map like in some of his maps, Jeeez... ! Enough for hours of action if I play on strongest against 2 or 3 enemies. But not all of his maps are like this. I am not able to get ideas like that in my stupid old brain... Where do you get your ideas from ? I think you are not totally free in your phantasy because the stupid AI just follows some given ways.

You´re right ! I should try it by myself, time enough I have.

cheers, Ali123

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8 aiidii  
Lately I like to put a lot of "eye candy" stuff on my maps. I'm currently working on a map that's mostly for show. When Nowy sees it it's gonna give him a nosebleed for sure. tongue I don't like to have a lot of villages on my maps. 20 is the highest I like to go and even that is a bit much. It is better to set more militia squads to defend them. 3 squads per village is sometimes fun, especially if there are two villages very close together.

But I do like fields as you can see many of them in some of my maps. They reduce the need to place a lot of trees everywhere.

I agree on the AI issue. It always follows the shortest route to your base, follow the main concentration of your forces and sends formations into action as soon as they are created. I wish it would wait to have a group of formations until attacking. Wishful thinking... sad

The game needs more nations too. Denmark, US and Sweden are the most obvious. There is a mod somewhere with Sweden included but it has bugs. The first line of infantry won't fire their muskets.


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9 Ali123  
Maybe you have a discussion about mapdesign with nowy, but I do not forget that you (and not nowy) produce new maps for people like me. The best design is´nt worth much if there is nothing to compare, right ?

Daddios last maps are from 2012. They have been great, for sure, but I cannot Play always the same. I love ceegee to, and Agrid, Agamemnon, and all the other great designer. I swear, each single reachable map I´ve played, again and again. But now, 2014, I look every single day for your new maps - anyway what nowy says. Should be a compliment and a thank you !

You should have seen Tricky Tigers Riverland 1-3 maps. You´re right, it´s not all to produce always maps with much towns on it. But I never saw maps that came near "streetfighting" like this triple sequence. Have you ever played a heavy battle with a strong AI-attack and you could not fight against the rush just because there was no second coalmine or no more iron or both ? It´s not a thing to wait for the needed resources and attack in the right moment... No, does not matter what you are doing, you will never have enough shots to fight against. That´s cruel ! So you are at the end of C2´s possibilities and it is not a thing of your qualification as "General". Shit happens, right ?

Can you tell me where the rest of the mapdesigners are working for ? Something like EW, EW2 or new mods or just debating for designquestions...? And did you ever worked with other AIs (AC, Alexander, ...) ?
Mighty cheers from the middle of Germany


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5 aiidii  
Thanks for the feedback.

I forgot to mention that it is BfE version only map. Though I am to blame for tagging it both NW and BfE friendly. Anyway it will be fixed so it will run on both versions.

It is a shame that others (except Daddio) are not making any more maps. Have you tried any map making yourself? It's not so difficult.


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3 aiidii  
Yeah, noticed...Gonna fix that. The map is just a remodification of an already existing map. Those villages are using buildings from Spain nation. They will not work in Napoleonic Wars.

I'm going to take the map down and publish the fix tommorrow.

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4 Ali123  
I gotta beg your pardon, I only tried Napoleonic Wars. After reading your answer I tried NW_BfE and there it works. Should have told you that before.

I will have fun tonight with BfE. Thank you very much for your engagement anyway !! Think you are the last one bringing new maps to your fans...


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2 Ali123  
Dear aiidii !

Invaders looks like a mighty map but there still are problems. In a new startet game I only can see 5 towns. Four below my start point (goldmine, iron, iron, mill) and on the upper left corner a coalmine. All other towns are inactive. You see just wheat but no mill, or a hole in the floor instead a mine. And milits and peasants are hanging around without activity. After a short while all people die by hunger.


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1 aiidii  
If anyone is having problems with lag while playing this map, set your log.txt file in the game's Data folder as "Read only".

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