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Cossacks 2 Random Mode 1.0
16/March/2020, 1:39 PM

Cossacks 2 Random Mode

Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2024750270

This is MOD for Cossacks 2 Battle for Europe (tested, 1.3 or 1.4, Napoleonic Wars not supported) with random map mode like in Cossacks 1

Copy all files with rewrite to root folder of Cossaks 2

- Random Map Mode like in Cossacks 1, American Conquest or Alexander

- Fundamentally improved AI - economical and battle. AI is trying to train grenadiers, heavy dragoons, cuirassiers as early as possible. The artillery on the battlefield no longer "runs in" to the enemy squad, and opens fire as soon as the target appears within the radius. Heavy cavalry no longer behaves passively on the battlefield. Improve market behavior - AI try to sell overage of wood, stone, gold, food and keep enough reserve of coal and iron. It is recommended to use AI folder even for native Cossacks 2

- Able to build Farms and Mines

- Native game modes presents and playable, minimal changes to balance, but they are: stamina increased, squads dont use roads, stand ground time for infantry increased, unit or building cannot be captured - only destroyed, artillery shot radius increased.

- AI improvment - artillery still have some behavior problems, cavalry still not so good as can be
- Islands map
- Map 4x
- Ships

Game Tips
- Food resourse in Random Mode is very important and you will often have a shortage of this resource. Farm produce food by themselves, but also dont forget to direct enough of peasants to gathering food
- Mines produce resourses by themselves, peasants need only to build mine. Try to have mines as much as possible
- Iron in Ramdom Mode is very important. You will often have a shortage of this resource, especially if you produce a lot of cavalry
- Artillery have much more shooting radius than in native game and AI artillery units is now active and often, very efficient

Report issues or wishes to spezzate@gmail.com

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