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Allied Offensive 1806 Mod (English)
13/January/2010, 9:47 AM
Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars Allied Offensive 1806 Mod ( English)
Category: C2 Mod NW | Added by: EbelAngel
Views: 6078 | Downloads: 911 | Comments: 15 | Rating: 3.4/8
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15 jasonperezb   [Entry]
Hey, I got the mod, but can someone please tell me how to install it?

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14 jamesrhendry90   [Entry]
Don't know if it's just me, but when I download the file, I only get part 2.  Can't find part 1 anywhere.

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13 jendrek20_98   [Entry]
Can someone please tell me how to install this mod, because the instructions are not clear, or I am just that stupid...

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12 The_Hussar   [Entry]

I managed to find this one but I fail to install it. Any ideas?

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11 emper999   [Entry]
it says part 2 in the download link
is there and part 1?

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10 MrRiv   [Entry]
I recently downloaded this mod, and personally, I was always into Cossacks Back to War over any Cossacks 2 game. HOWEVER, this mod, for some reason, makes me feel semi-nostalgic. Just the number of upgrades sends me back several years. By far one of my favorite mods for Cossacks 2.

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7 LongAK   [Entry]
link die !

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8 Cichor   [Entry]
Be patient, we will fix it. wink

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9 Cichor   [Entry]
Thanks to aiidii link working.

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6 johlah   [Entry]
is it just for me or does this mod shut down the game in the middle of skirmish games?
very sad, cause its a very very good mod that i like alot.

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5 Jagon   [Entry]

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4 Koguryo   [Entry]

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