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CII Map Installer
02/May/2009, 3:53 AM
There are 2 programs in the rar. One in russian, the other in english. Unfortunately the Readme is currently in Russian.
As soon as i got the translation, ill post it or include it in the download
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3 Bijl0130   [Entry]
The program used to work, but not any longer at my systems. I have a whole bunch of Exe files I like to unpack, but the map installer says 'Installation error. If CS II is running exit the game and retry'.  Ofcourse the game is not running. Where do I copy the Map installer files, and where to I put the Exe files before executing?  I am not sure what goes wrong.

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1 gautherot   [Entry]

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2 EbelAngel   [Entry]
I have no idea what you mean with 'English' gautherot, but if its something like, you can't see the download button, then log in to see the link to the file. whistling

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